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Han Seung Woo ends up on the brunt of unreasonable hate from few Kang Min Hee fans, Kang Min Hee asks fans not to fight


Han Seung Woo has somehow ended up at the brunt of hate attacks from certain Kang Min Hee fans.

During X1's Chuseok 'V Live', Han Seung Woo was rearranging tables so that members wouldn't be hidden behind others. He arranged one table without any issue, but the second table crashed when he tried to move it. Kang Min Hee had water spilled on him, and some fans, who believed the water was boiling water, were furious at Han Seung Woo, and created various 'egg accounts' on Twitter to spew hate at the X1 leader. Even after it was revealed that the water was lukewarm water and that Kang Min Hee hadn't been hurt at all, the 'egg accounts' didn't cease, even going as far to say that Han Seung Woo was bullying Kang Min Hee.

The unceasing hate toward Han Seung Woo angered not just Han Seung Woo fans, but other Kang Min Hee fans who tried to get the 'egg accounts' to stop and defended Han Seung Woo, pointing out it was completely by accident. 

The fight was so widespread that even X1 members heard of the fight and mentioned it during the fansigning. Han Seung Woo even ended up apologizing to the fans, saying he was sorry he surprised fans. Kang Min Hee also asked fans not to fight and said the members themselves were fine, but the fans were fighting for some reason.

You can check out the 'V Live' below. The accident is at 5:17:

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crowboy869 pts Saturday, September 7, 2019 2
Saturday, September 7, 2019

poor boys hahaha. they all look very surprised in the vlive.

anyway, the people who are criticising Seungwoo... are they children? how can they not differentiate an accident from bullying? although i suppose that probably isn't it anyway; they likely can but some people just feel the need to make others feel bad. that's more pitiful. hopefully X1 continue to do well~~~


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MENsplaining1,233 pts Sunday, September 8, 2019 0
Sunday, September 8, 2019

Netizens are really getting out of control. I thought things would get better now that summer vacation is over but I guess not. Honestly I wonder what their grades are like if they are spending so much time and effort bullying idols and fans online. It's even sadder to me if they are adults though... because adults SHOULD know better (but they don't). 🙁



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