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BTS Jimin's Chinese Fanbase's Huge Birthday Support: A series of "FIRSTs" for a Korean Artist


Every artist has their dedicated fans.

And the same goes for BTS member Park Jimin. He has a huge amount of loving and dedicated fans, who are organizing various birthday projects in his support for his upcoming Birthday this year.

Amongst these beautiful upcoming birthday projects, Jimin's Chinese Fanbase Jimin Bar China is organizing a large-scale birthday project for Jimin, thanks to their savings and the generous donations of fans all over the world.

Like last year, this year too their project is being highly anticipated by fans as well as media all round the globe. For this year, their support consists of a series of projects that have never been done before and are all FIRSTs for a Korean Artist.

The project is entitled "FLY TO THE WORLD" and so far Jimin Bar China has announced 4 Parts only.

Here are brief details of these currently announced 4 Projects:

This project consists of 702 Board Advertisements on all routes and stations of the Seoul Metro.

Jimin will be the First Korean Idol in the world whose birthday support will involve ALL 702 PDV, LED & DID screens over the whole Seoul Metro.

For more details, click HERE


This project consists of Billboard Advertisements on the Guangzhou Green Axis Square at Southern China. All of their 7 Buildings will be utilized for the 'Light Show' with billboards as large as 16,000m².

Jimin will be the First in Korea to have the biggest outdoor special billboard and the 7 floors collaborated light show in southern China.

For more details, click HERE


This project consists of the triangle intersection Screen Advertisements in the BB Town (Bukit Bintang Town) of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Jimin will be the First Korean Artist to have the triangle intersection big screen birthday support in Kuala Lumpur.

For more details, click HERE


This project consists of Billboard Advertisements all over the walls of Shanghai Aegean Sea Shopping Mall in Shanghai, China.

Shanghai Aegean Sea Shopping Mall is the new landmark of Shanghai, being the biggest shopping mall as well as the most densely-populated area in Shanghai.

Jimin will be the First Artist in Korea to have 12,000㎡ Billboards as birthday support in Shanghai's biggest shopping mall.

For more details, click HERE

The birthday projects that Jimin Bar China has announced so far are all large-scale and include the hot spots that qualify as "FIRSTs" in Korea as well as the World.

These world landmarks will make the most of publicity that the sites can give and they are expected to make a strong impression on the public.

Last year, Forbes Korea said in their economic analysis that even the American Advertising Industry is shocked by Jimin’s popularity in China.

This year as well, Fans and Media all around the world are anticipating this project's impact.

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25 days ago

jimin deserves it all. Hardwork pays off. And i am really happy that his fame isnt bcoz of his looks but of his talent and effort. Jimin, u nice keep going❤️



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25 days ago

LOL ...i know he is popular ...but this is huge ...



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