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List of things fans will miss while EXO’s D.O. is off serving the nation


When news about EXO's Kyungsoo's enlistment broke, many fans were upset over the fact that Kyungsoo would be entering the military so soon to do his mandatory service. Here is a list of things EXO-Ls will miss about D.O. when he is away serving the nation.

1. His cooking

Kyungsoo has always talked about his love for cooking and on a few occasions, he had even showcased his amazing cooking skills for EXO-Ls to see. We will definitely miss our master chef Do Kyungsoo! Also, as EXO members have spoken about how Kyungsoo is usually in charge of cooking for them while in the dorms, the EXO members will definitely miss Kyungsoo’s amazing dishes as well!

2. His singing

    Do Kyungsoo has one of the smoothest voices in the entirety of the K-pop industry and he never fails to wow EXO-Ls with his comforting deep voice. One thing all of us will miss about him will definitely be his beautiful vocals and his signature ad libs that adds flavor to each and every EXO song. We will definitely miss the soulful voice of this EXO main vocalist!

    3. His acting

      While Kyungsoo is an amazing singer, he is also a fantastic actor. He set the new standard for an Idol actor and he is even inspiration for people who want to pursue a career in both singing and acting. Kyungsoo has won the hearts of so many with his roles in many famous television dramas, with the latest one being '100 Days My Prince.' People of all ages will definitely miss seeing his face on tv for a while.

      4. His interactions with the other EXO members

        One thing EXO-Ls love the most about Kyungsoo would be his interactions with the other EXO members. While at times he might jokingly warn the noisier members of EXO to keep their volume down, it is very evident he deeply cares for each and every one of his members. We will definitely miss the affectionate bickering and banter that goes on between Kyungsoo and the other members.

        5. His love for his fans

          Kyungsoo has an extremely lovable personality and it is hard not to fall in love with him because while he may seem like a tough nugget on the outside, he proves to be the biggest softie at times. Kyungsoo has shown on multiple occasions that he loves his fans and EXO-Ls who support him in whatever he does. In fact, despite not having social media or any way to reach fans, he wanted to be the one to tell fans first about his enlistment and he did so in a handwritten letter to express his gratitude for EXO-Ls who have always been by his side!

          6. His dancing

            Kyungsoo proves that it is possible for someone to be well rounded in every single area. Not only is Kyungsoo an amazing singer and actor, but he is also an amazing dancer and not only is he able to execute all of EXO’s complicated choreography well. He was even able to pick up tap dancing for his role in the recent movie 'Swing Kids'. There really isn’t anything Do Kyungsoo can’t do when he puts his mind to it and we will definitely miss seeing him performing on stage!

            7. His humility

              Despite being one of the top actors in the industry and in one of the biggest K-pop bands right now, Kyungsoo has never once been disrespectful or arrogant about his position. Kyungsoo is always gracious for everything he is given and we will definitely miss seeing this side of him. Kyungsoo is so loved by everyone because despite the level of fame and success he has received over the years, he is still extremely humble and he often aims for self-improvement. Kyungsoo really serves as a role model to all.

              While it might be extremely unexpected that Kyungsoo will be enlisting so soon, EXO-Ls wish nothing but the best for him. We know that he probably thought it through and decided that this was the best time to complete his mandatory service before resuming his career in the entertainment industry. While it may be upsetting to see him away for 18 months, we hope Kyungsoo knows that Eris will all wait for him patiently and we will always support him in everything he does!

              Kyungsoo will be enlisting on July 1 and is slated to be discharged on January 25, 2021. We will definitely wait for you Kyungsoo!

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              joanner223,343 pts Monday, June 3, 2019 0
              Monday, June 3, 2019

              Omg stop, I am not ready 🥺💔



              Kkkpopvvv4,241 pts Tuesday, June 4, 2019 0
              Tuesday, June 4, 2019

              He did really smart though next year around December him and Xiumin will be out of the military. Besides the current line up of EXO is nothing new EXO-K minus D.O plus Chen. So if anyone remembers they will know that SM treated EXO-K as the EXO group and EXO-M as just the Chinese version sometimes. EXO-K even promoted many times on their on on music shows between 2012-2014...So yeah EXO will be fine even if 3 members(Lay,Xiumin and D.O are not present).Besides this year only Xiumin was supposed to enlist and Suho the next year. They way things are going EXO will be done with the military faster than we thought. That is not bad. Some groups do better after enlistment Suju for example had the biggest hits like Devil...I am excited how they will soun the current line up is giving me severe flashbacks of promotion stages between 2012-2014. I hope they give them something like their first albums. Fans should not be depressed its nothing new seeing EXO as 6 or even 5 we have seen it


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