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Netizens are worried after seeing Hara's latest Instagram post that says 'Goodbye.'


Netizens are worried for Hara.

On the night of May 25 KST, Hara posted a series of messages on her Instagram feed. Through the Story function, she shared multiple quotes of loaded meaning that talked about issues of betrayal, two-faced individuals, self-doubt, ignorance, contemplation about life and more. Some include:

"Acting as if I am not tired, when I am

Acting as if I am not in pain, when I am

After living all those years with suppression,

I look fine on the outside, but it feels as if I am starting to break into pieces inside.  -Kim Tokki"

"Live the life that you love.

Love the life that you live."

"One phrase or word can revive or kill a person. If you knew the weight of your words, then wouldn't you be more careful saying them out loud."

"Acting as if you don't care about other people's eyes

Ill-mannered tone of voice

No consideration for others on the daily

Those who live in this illusion, thinking that this is being 'cool'"

After sharing more of these quotes, Hara uploaded a screen-captured post on her feed that says, "Goodbye."*

In the comments section of the post, netizens are continually leaving supportive comments such as: "I will support your tomorrow, and the day after that, always!", "Hara...the world really isn't much! The things that give you pain, they are all worthless, you are the most precious one!", "There are more people who love you, unnie. If things are hard for you, tell me and I'll listen."

On online forum communities, netizens have also left signs of worry, leaving comments such as: "Is this happening right now??? I'm so worried", "???? I really hope there's nothing going on...", "T_T I'm just afraid that even Insta posts like these will suddenly stop.", "What in the world did she do that she deserves such hate? This is really a shame.", "It looks like she's going through some really tough times... I hope that there are people around her who can console her...

Just over a week ago, Hara's ex-boyfriend came forward with an apology regarding the abuse and blackmail controversy, followed by the news that he will be opening up a new salon. 

Any supportive messages you would like to leave for Hara?

*The word in Korean could also be translated as "Hello," but many have taken the word as a closing statement, given the context of her Story updates. 

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PLUMP1,067 pts Saturday, May 25, 2019 4
Saturday, May 25, 2019

I just hope she is just saying goodbye to a chapter in her life


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changminbaby8,703 pts Saturday, May 25, 2019 1
Saturday, May 25, 2019

omg i hope she is fine :(


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