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The East Light's Lee brothers give tearful testimony on the gruesome assault


On April 19, the second trial on the Media Line Entertainment assault case involving The East Light members took place at Seoul Central District Court. 

The Lee Brothers, Lee Suk Chul and Lee Seung Hyun, provided testimony. Fellow member Lee Eun Sung, who was also scheduled to attend as a witness, did not appear. 

CEO Kim Chang Hwan and producer Moon Young Il were escorted outside during the Lee brothers' testimony, as the judge believed their presence can cause difficulty in the Lee brothers' dialogue. 

Moon PD has admitted to the physical assault charges. Therefore, the trial focused on whether or not CEO Kim knew about the assaults. 

The younger brother, Lee Seung Hyun, gave his testimony first. He claimed the agency did not even allow him to play soccer. One day, he went to practice just to meet his coach, however, Moon PD threatened him, stating, "Did you play soccer? I'll kill you." 

Lee Seung Hyun continued, "I was so scared. I ran away. We were scheduled to go on 'V Live' that day but I really felt like my agency will kill me so I hid in the veranda of my house."

He said, "My parents found me and told me PD-nim is not someone who would be like that and took me to my agency. When I got there, Moon PD-nim took me to the 5th floor. He said, 'Let's die,' and he hit me with a black stick and choked me. I ran away, saying 'Please save me.' Then I saw CEO Kim Chang Hwan walking up the stairs. I said, 'Please save me,' but he was smoking and just said, 'Take it easy.' Moon PD gave him a 90-degree bow and said, 'Thank you.'"

Lee Seung Hyun started crying and said, "Moon PD locked the door and continued beating me."

Lee Seung Hyun claimed CEO Kim was well aware of the assault and even said, "Put a hole in their heads. I'll pay for their funeral."

Lastly, Lee Seung Hyun said, "I hope these cases do not occur again in this country. I'm upset but I think my heart will rip apart if other children suffer as I did. I hope something like this never happens again," and firmly added, "I hope CEO Kim Chang Hwan stops lying."

The older brother Lee Suk Chul gave similar testimony and claimed CEO Kim often verbally abused them as well. He then said, "We don't wish to just solve our cases through this. I hope such an incident doesn't occur again - not only to people who do music but to everyone in other fields. I want to give positive influence and hope with good music. I hope such a case doesn't occur again."

The next trial is scheduled for May 7. Lee brothers' parents and member Kim Joon Wook are scheduled to attend as witnesses. 

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LittleFoxx1,305 pts Friday, April 19, 2019 0
Friday, April 19, 2019

This issue needs more attention because, we'll never know whether there're other victims out there. Just like Jang Ja Yeon case. Some people enjoy the authority that they have by using and manipulating victims to destroy their life and dreams.



jokbal_is_yum3,576 pts Friday, April 19, 2019 0
Friday, April 19, 2019

Lee Seung Hyun claimed CEO Kim was well aware of the assault and even said, "Put a hole in their heads. I'll pay for their funeral."

This is........ just beyond vile.

Hope both PD and the CEO get their balls nailed to the wall, legally-speaking.



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