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[UPDATED!]Reason Why You Shouldn't Trust The "Alarming Photos" of Yoochun's Legs and Hands that Netizens Shared

Netizens shared past photos of Yoochun's legs and hands following the news of his positive drug test.

This is the one netizens posted.

This is the original photo:

Netizens have edited the photo and made the allergic look worse. Hereyou can see this photo , which was taken in26.06.2017.

Explanation: "Yoochun has allergic to dogs." Yoochun himself mentioned it a lot of times and this is what his mother said in 2009:

"Harang (Yoochun's dog)did come to this party too. She (YC's mother)told us about Harang. She said Yoochun is still not recover from allergy and there were times he wore shades on stage because of allergic symptom. At first she aked him 'U got allergy how can u keep one?' and he said he was alright."

Yoochun talks about his allergic to dogs:

All About DBSK (Released in 2009)

So, how did his allergic reaction start again?

On June 18, 2017 (8 days before the pic above taken) Yoochun started volunteering to build a shelter for homeless dogs. As you can see, his allergic reaction started to show up slowly 

Netizens also posted this photo of Yoochun which was taken on the day of his discharge.

However, the photo was heavily edited. In the original photos relased by news outlets, there is no heavy injuries on his fingers.



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Saturday, April 27, 2019

Korean netizens don't surprise me anymore

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Saturday, April 27, 2019

EDIT: Well he is defo guilty, he confessed. This is what I wait for though... actual proof of guilt. Now he can get the help he needs and so can she. They defo need to repay their debt to society and jail time will give them time to reflect on their actions. However I stand by all my previous statements about scepticism and researching plus reserving judgment until verified proof is offered. If you want further proof that media fueled hysteria is harmful look at the Sam Shepherd case in America. It's the real line case that the movie The Fugitive was based on. An innocent man was convicted in the media and public opinion.

This is disgusting. I believe he might be fighting drug addiction but it is also possible for typical prescribed medications to cause a false positive in a drug test. I once tested positive for opium (no idea how to even find opium or if it is even a common drug anymore) because I ate an everything bagel 2 days before the test. I also have to bring my prescription information to and drug test for my work because my medication for ADHD makes me test positive for methamphetamine (certain cold and allergies medicines do as well) also anti depressant and anti anxiety medications can cause false positives. So before jumping to a conclusion let's wait for the results of the investigation and let's hope that the girls powerful family doesn't turn him into a scapegoat. If he is addicted to drugs and has broken the laws to obtain and use drugs lets hope that he recieves treatment while serving his sentence so he can come away as a productive member of society. But faking pictures to prove a possible false or flawed narrative is a disgusting act that should be universally shamed. This is someones life and faking so called evidence to prove your narrative and personal beliefs about the situation is disturbing behavior that needs to be addressed.

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