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K-pop songs that get you in touch with your emotions


K-pop is well loved by fans worldwide because of the pure emotions in their music and lyrics. K-pop artists are incredibly talented at creating relatable lyrics that hits fans deep in their feelings. Some songs have so much energy in it that describes the pain of loss, love, and remembering simpler times. Grab your tissue boxes because here is a list of the most heart-shattering K-pop songs to get you in touch with your emotions. 

1) G-Dragon - Untitled 2014

If you're an avid G-Dragon fan, you know this is something different from the hip-hop rap vibe he always gives us. For this album, G-Dragon decided to show his vulnerability and the pain he feels from a one-sided love. With lyrics like "If I could see you again, I don't care if I lose my everything" and his melodic voiced paired with the piano, G-Dragon created an absolutely beautiful and unique sound that will hit you hard. 

2) Akdong Musician (AKMU) - Melted

Unlike most K-pop sad songs that involved love, "Melted," brings in the feeling of struggling to find hope in a bitter and cruel world. Not only does the lyric bring a feeling of pain and sorrow but the story of the music video really brings out the harsh reality of how cruel the world can be. With a line that reads "I leave the darkness that finds my heart. Even the cold shadow that covers the night starts to harden" AKMU gets you thinking about the darkness surrounding us and the desire to find a source of peace and light. 

3) BTS - The Truth Untold

BTS is known to create music that touches the hearts of souls of fans worldwide. With "The Truth Untold," BTS tells the story of hiding their inner selves under a mask in order to strive forward. Despite their pain, they still hold their struggle inside them instead of revealing who they really are in fear of the truth hurting those they love most. If this song and its powerful lyrics like "I can't show you a ruined part of myself. Once again I put a mask on and go to see you," doesn't make you shed a tear, I don't know what will. 

4) Lee Hi - Breathe

This beautiful pop ballad will definitely make you feel the emotions of a world full of pressure from everyone and everything to the point that happiness feels so far away. If you've ever been in a space that feels so crowded and makes it hard to breathe, remember that you are enough and always will be. And as Lee Hi says in the song, "It's okay to make mistakes sometimes because anyone can do so." 

5) Jonghyun - Lonely 

If you're a strong SHINee fan, this song will hit you hard. This song is the title track for Jonghyun's fourth album and is an ode to his feelings of isolation, even surrounded by people. In this song, Jonghyun shares the struggles of feeling like a burden through his lyrics and the pain you feel from holding it all in but always remember that no matter what happens you're never alone no matter how it may feel. 

6) WINNER - For 

One of the hardest pain is losing someone you love dearly. You never know when it'll happen and when they're gone it's almost as if the colors have faded from your days. WINNER tells the story of how someone you once loved and once loved you suddenly leaves without an answer and leaves you with a feeling of helplessness. If you've been through that, some lyrics like "I might laugh and chat away but suddenly, like a person who's about to sleep. Within the waves of mood swings, only your changing your mind saves me." will cut deep.

7) Big Bang - If You

Another song about lost love, Big Bang's If You is a beautiful ballad G-Dragon wrote when he was in love and she left without anything he could do to stop that. This song tells the story of watching someone you love walking away and getting further but the memory of them remains. Lyrics like "If you're struggling like I am, Can't we make things a little easier?" and "I should've treated you better when I had you" is something all heartbroken lovers can relate to. 

8) B.A.P. - Save Me

Have you ever been in a love that felt so true and beautiful until it turns sour and painful? B.A.P. tells the story of a love that once was that resulted in shattered hearts and broken trust. When they say "I can't take it anymore, leave me (save me)" and "As if I'm shackled, the memories come to me. I can't breathe, can you see me?" B.A.P. evokes the emotion of desiring the love of a person you shouldn't want but can't help but need. 

9) EXO - Sing for You

This beautiful music video shows the loneliness of loving someone but feeling too prideful to admit your love. Sometimes the words you want to say the most are the hardest to say. "I love you a lot but I don't say the word "I love you" it's weird, my pride doesn't allow me" starts the story of how everything you wish to say is so hard but sometimes you just need to express that before you no longer can. 

10) IU - Ending Scene

In many folklore, human connection has been seen as a "red string" of fate, especially in romantic love. IU uses this in her video to express an emotional closure to the reluctant end of a relationship. This song holds lyrics like "I really hope you meet someone who will love you more than you do" and "Make sure you eat well, because it'll all pass" that shares the hopes for your old lover to live a better life despite the fear you hold of never being able to love again. 

11) Jisun - What Should I Do? 

For you old school fans of 'Boys Over Flowers,' you know love is a painful thing. Loving someone comes with a lot of risks and doubts but losing someone you love comes with a whole new wave of fear. Questions and thoughts like "Do you think I will be okay without you? Will you be okay without me? It is really hard to live in this world without you." come up without warning and sometimes that's all you can think about. 

12) Day6 - Letting Go

Not only is this video absolutely stunning but it also invokes a sorrowful and slow feeling of loving someone so much you'd let them go to see them happy. The sacrifice of your happiness for that of your lover can cause a lot of hurt in you. "I've been holding on to you for so long. But now I must let go. There's nothing I can do for you. It's the only way to make you happy. So I let go, let go, let go." 

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Guesstar2,443 pts Tuesday, April 23, 2019 0
Tuesday, April 23, 2019

The moment I scrolled down & saw JONGHYUN's LONELY & BREATHE....my emotions got the better of me....

*He wrote/composed 'Breathe' for Lee Hi



Matti20111,860 pts Tuesday, April 23, 2019 0
Tuesday, April 23, 2019

BIGBANG always knows how to reach the heart with their music. Their discography is full of songs like that. One song is Tell Me Goodbye, a masterpiece.



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