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'Green Umbrella Child Fund' steps up to defend IU after netizens criticize her donation to the Gangwon wildfire relief effort


Back on April 5, singer/actress IU donated an amount of 100,000,000 (~ 87,000 USD) to the Green Umbrella Child Fund Korea to be used toward aiding families with children affected by the Gangwon wildfires, among various celebrities who chose to contribute to the relief. 

However, some netizens seemed to have found IU's donation to the Green Umbrella Child Fund "problematic", and claimed, "The areas affected by the wildfires are mountainous areas, with basically no elementary schools, just farming fields and remote, residential areas with mostly elderly and retired people. Even on the news, you only see footage of elderly crying from the damages. It doesn't make sense to donate to a child fund to help the wildfire relief."

Other netizens supposedly agreed with this claim and accused IU of donating to the Green Umbrella Child Fund only because she is a sponsor of the NGO. 

When the issue garnered more and more attention online, a representative from the Green Umbrella Child Fund personally stepped up to defend IU, with a lengthy explanation post. The rep wrote, "We are worried as to why our sponsor IU's pure and good-willed donation is being distorted in such a way, and so we would like to clarify on this matter. Due to the sudden disaster, many sponsors including singer IU are continuing to donate to our fund in order to provide relief to families with children, who were forced to evacuate from their homes. The act of spreading unconfirmed rumors and false information via online communities and SNS platforms sheds negative light on the act of giving and degrades the culture of donating to help others, regardless of whether or not the rumors are proven true; as a result, situations may occur where we may become unable provide aid to children in need at a critical time." 

We hope the misunderstandings are cleared up.

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keylover0923233 pts Tuesday, April 9, 2019 11
Tuesday, April 9, 2019

How messed up do you have to be to find fault in someone donating to charity?


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k_kid5,175 pts Tuesday, April 9, 2019 0
Tuesday, April 9, 2019

She donated near $90,000 of her own money while those who are criticizing her, more than likely, donated zero.



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