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ARMY apologizes for spreading false rumors about Black Pink's ad promotions on Spotify


A BTS ARMY apologized for accusing Black Pink of their promotional methods on Spotify.

On April 6, an online community forum user made a post about Black Pink using the music app Spotify's ad promotions to boost their number of streams. According to the ARMY, one who later admitted to writing the article, Black Pink's latest song "Kill This Love" was played as an 'unskippable' ad before BTS' songs, "forcing users" to listen to the song while raising their own rank.

At that time, fans of BTS had allegedly found other accounts of Black Pink inputting the 'unskippable' ad technique, sharing screenshots and denoting the tactic as "unjust". Enraged by the situation, some left a significant amount of comments on the original post of the forum.

"I heard this from my friend and it's true? I heard those streams count for the ranks; Yang Hyun Suk always raises the views with these methods. Ha~ really"

"OMG, you go on to listen to BTS and you're forced to listen to Black Pink? LOL"

However, on April 7, Spotify clarified that those ads do not count in the numbers, having no effect on the song's ranking. 

When the official fact-check came through, the ARMY who originally spread the rumor stepped forward and posted an apology letter:

"First of all, I have nothing to say except that I am sorry. I had posted an unconfirmed story about Spotify around 12 AM last night, and more people than I had imagined ended up misunderstanding the situation. I knew that it was not true, but I just left a short message and did not cope with the troubles. I found out later, but the screenshots that I had found (of the Black Pink ads before BTS' music) were also Photoshopped and were fake. I did not even think to check if those pictures and stories I read on various online communities, and went ahead and posted it here. Because of my act, many Blinks and the innocent members of Black Pink were extremely criticized. I am sorry. I initially did not have any intention of wrongfully accusing Black Pink and Blinks."

Therefore, the screenshots shared by BTS fans had also been revealed to be fake, proven by another fan who noticed the difference between Black Pink's name representations.

Following the clarification, netizens emphasized that Black Pink's had still ranked up to #4 on Spotify using fair methods. What do you think of this issue? 

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_Jarhon-107 pts Sunday, April 7, 2019 9
Sunday, April 7, 2019

lmao, the fucking double standards. Anything related to BP --> "those CUNTs, fucking media play, no talent, YG sucks!"

Then its revealed its bullshit by BTS fan -> "aaw shucks its ok. Army is so BRAVE for apologizing. BTS and army are awesome!"

...................................................................................... /facepalm


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Lola_xo-30 pts Sunday, April 7, 2019 3
Sunday, April 7, 2019

what he/she did was wrong, because this false info reached the korean platforms so fast.. Also it's not the first time something like that happens. It's good that he/she apologized. but it shouldn't happen again, they are making the fandom look really BAD, by using all sort of method to hate on blackpink or to discredit blackpink... I hope this will put an end to all the bandwagon hate on blackpink. All artists deserve to be respected.


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