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Actress Seo Min Jung's gift to BTS becomes controversial


Actress Seo Min Jung spoke up about her controversial gift to BTS

On April 12, BTS guested on SiriusXM. During the radio show, the idols were gifted custom headwear.

Jimin later revealed via Twitter the gift was actually prepared by Seo Min Jung and expressed appreciation. 

Seo Min Jung was able to meet BTS at the SiriusXM studio as the "translator."

The gift became controversial after it was revealed the headwear is made by Seo Min Jung's friend's company. Several fans criticized Seo Min Jung for using BTS to help promote her friend's business. 

In response to the issue, Seo Min Jung spoke with Ilgan Sports on April 19, and stated, "Making money by promoting my friend's business is unimaginable."

Seo Min Jung also explained she didn't actually attend the radio show as a translator but was invited by a radio show associate who she has a close relationship with. She explained she just wanted to give a special gift and it was also discussed with the producer ahead of time. 

Seo Min Jung said, "I was just happy to meet BTS so I uploaded photos with them and my peer but misunderstandings were formed. I have deleted the post because I don't want to cause harm to BTS. My peer has also deleted the photo. I sincerely apologize if there were misunderstandings. I am sorry for causing concerns."

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Blue821,849 pts Friday, April 19, 2019 0
Friday, April 19, 2019

Wow people will *it*h about anything. She is an actress and an older woman who gave a small thoughtful gift. Who gives a d*mn what company made it as long as the company hasn't committed any crimes. Jimin was thankful for the gift so obviously him and the boys weren't offended by it.



lil_suga_kookies170 pts Friday, April 19, 2019 0
Friday, April 19, 2019

although the situation could be like this

she is like me, has a tight budget and has things to pay with that.

she is an army so she wants to gift them something (something even I would do).

so she turns to her friend who owns a shop since she might get a discount or pay in bits even though she is making a custom one

without much thought she proceeds like a simple-minded fangirl

some netz need to stop overthinking not like she forced jimin or predicted that he would post that she prepared it



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