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YoonA swept up in cosmetic surgery rumors after her appearance on 'My Ugly Duckling'


YoonA is being accused of undergoing cosmetic procedures.

On March 24, YoonA guested on SBS' 'My Ugly Duckling.' Following the broadcast, netizens claimed YoonA's facial features seemed unnatural and accused the star of undergoing cosmetic procedures.

Comments stated"Plastic Generation," "I was so surprised. Her muscles couldn't move," "She always underwent cosmetic surgery. It just seemed worse that day because the procedures didn't settle down completely yet," "She got work done on her eyes and filler on forehead, nose, and cheeks," "Her forehead is so bad TT She's already so gorgeous without any... It's unfortunate."

Meanwhile, some are defending YoonA, claiming the lighting made her features look a bit different than usual. 

Check out the video from the episode below. What are your thoughts on YoonA's 'changed' features?

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triciapatcop514 pts Monday, March 25, 2019 2
Monday, March 25, 2019

1. Yoona looks the same!, her face just gained an overweight because she eats too rice.

2. Yoona is genetically beautiful. her beauty is NATURAL.

3. she still is the most beautiful, ofc she could look even many more beautiful if she took care of her face eating healthy fruits and vegetables and not overeating rice and other foods that can harm her natural beauty.
4. she’s 29 or 30 but she still is young, she looks younger than many 20's-years-olds female artists, idols, stars, ... but she was wearing a 40 or 50 year old woman dress. her makeup is so light as a 40 or 50 years old woman. i think she looks older because of that dress, that bad makeup and her face with overweight.

My advice with a lot of love for Yoona is: to hire a best stylist and make-up artist, eat healthy not in excess, avoid eating a lot of rice and a lot bread, go to the gym, sleep well, enjoy life and focus on ur both careers (Music&Films).

I hope Yoona make her own solo debut a solo singer with a badass concept, i really miss her great performance on stage, she is so multi talented artist and also brilliant artist! I also miss that sexy, and energizing artist who she was.


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begseeya656 pts Monday, March 25, 2019 12
Monday, March 25, 2019

guys! Yoona is a Natural Beauty, the press confirmed it, SM confirm it, Doctors confirmed it and Yoona even confirmed it too. if she looks something different today that's because her face is chubby, she's bored of being a pretty girl for that reason in recent years she has tried to destroy her face eating excessively the RICE so that her face gains an overweight making her face look too chubby, in addition she has also the worst makeup artist and hair stylist from korea which they are always ruining her beauty, despite all those disadvantages Yoona is still very beautiful, because she is genetically beautiful. she could look even more beautiful if she took care of her face eating more fruits and vegetables while avoiding eating too much rice. and if she also hires a new makeup artist and stylist, she needs it. she is a top artist! she deserves better.


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