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Why Blackpink can’t sell out their European concerts


As you may know girl group Blackpink is on a world tour and they’re currently visiting cities in Asia. They’re scheduled to visit North America and Europe in just a few weeks, but this post will mainly focus on my experience for the Amsterdam concert.

Blinks in The Netherlands got super excited when the news broke out about Blackpink’s visit and even major news sources made articles about it. Because of this, the ticket sale was expected to become pretty chaotic. Surprisingly though, the ticket sale wasn’t chaotic at all. There wasn't even a waiting room on Ticketmaster.com (official ticket distributor) and fans could easily purchase their tickets immediately. It has now almost been 2 months after the start of the ticket sale and the concert is still far from being sold out. It also appears that all the other or at least 5 out of 6 European concerts have yet to be sold out.

So what could be the reason behind Blackpink not being able to sell out their concerts? Well a logical reasoning would be that they’re simply not popular enough on an international scale. This doesn't make a lot of sense though if you'd compare this to G-Dragon's Amsterdam concert back in 2017. He was able to almost sell out the Ziggo Dome which holds a capacity of 20.000 while on the other hand we have Blackpink, with arguably more popularity and much more hype around the concert, that isn't even able to sell out AFAS Live with a capacity of 6.000. So this leads us to a different reason, which is the insanely high ticket prices. The tickets were revealed to be starting at a price of €167 ($189) ranging up to €467 ($529). The chances are high that a huge amount of Blinks decided to boycott the concert after seeing these prices which ultimately led to a lot of tickets still being available for purchase.

This is all from my experience/opinion of course and based on the situation of the Amsterdam concert, so here is my question to y'all:

- Do you think Blackpink isn’t popular enough in Europe, are the tickets too expensive or is it a combination of both?

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Ohboy696,374 pts Monday, March 18, 2019 22
Monday, March 18, 2019

1) Too many Kpop concerts (and many people seem to be going to all the concerts, whether they listen to the group or not)

2) High prices for a group with 9 songs. Maybe it's fun to watch them do covers and stuff, but most people go to concerts because they want to hear the songs of the artist, not covers.

3) The chosen venues are too big

4) Girl groups seem to be less popular in Europe

(btw. assuming they're more popular than G-Dragon is a mistake, G-Dragon has lots of older fans who might not be as active online as the younger fans. Also, most people who are into Kpop know and like GD, while BlackPink is still more of a novelty than an established brand)


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hohliu7,534 pts Monday, March 18, 2019 45
Monday, March 18, 2019

I will pay for BTS concert in UK but not BlackPinks. Both are high value in comparison to most British concerts. UK is the land of Rock, Music concerts. We have super cool bands, singers. And BlackPink is just not good enough... Sorry BlackPink fans. They are over priced and over rated.


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