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More evidence of alleged ties between police and Seungri's chatroom revealed, former police Commissioner General denies involvement


More evidence of the alleged ties between police and Seungri's chatroom have been revealed.

Lawyer Bang Jung Hyun, who sent the chatroom data to the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission after an anonymous informant e-mailed him, held an interview with SBS on March 12. SBS funE has now investigated the KakaoTalk chatroom messages revealing the below conversation between Seungri and Mr. Kim, who's alleged to have been a figure in sexual escort services for overseas investors and shared hidden camera sex tape footage in the chatroom.

"Mr. Kim: I think it'll be daebak if we just solve the air conditioner problem.

Seungri: Yeah, you're right.

Mr. Kim: I saw [CEO Yoo] texted with the police chief yesterday.
I think the problem with the person ratting us out will be solved too. Hahaha
Seungri: What did he say?
Mr. Kim: It was really long. Yesterday, another business took a photo of the inside of the [Monkey Museum club] and reported it.
The chief said something and suggested the other business probably complained about us because they were jealous. He said we didn't have to worry because he would take care of it."

SBS funE has reported doubts about Mr. Kim's messages as he misspelled "Police Commissioner General," and it's not clear whether Kim was referring to the Commissioner General at the time, Kang Shin Myung, or the Commissioner of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency. It's also a possibility Mr. Kim had lied to Seungri about any connections to high-ranking police officers. Mr. Kim has refused to comment, but CEO Yoo stated, "It's true I was at Monkey Museum's opening ceremony, but I don't know anyone in the police. I don't know the Commissioner General or the Commissioner of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency. I've never met them or been in the same location as them." Seungri's legal representative also stated, "Monkey Museum received punishment and a fine for previously violating the Food Sanitation Act. It's not true he tried to cover up police investigations."

Former Police Commissioner General Kang Shin Myung, who served from August of 2014 to August of 2016, denied the claims, stating, "With my honor at stake, I'm stating I have no relation to the matter. I only became aware of the situation today, and I know nothing. I learned about Seungri for the first time through this case, and I have no relation to him at all. It's not worth responding to every accusation." As for any involvement in F.T. Island Jonghun's DUI cover-up allegations, he stated, "It's against common sense that a Commissioner General of the Korean National Police Agency can cover up a DUI."

Stay tuned for updates.

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Blue821,784 pts Wednesday, March 13, 2019 4
Wednesday, March 13, 2019

We already know from the issue with the previous president of South Korea that there was a lot of corruption in the government from the highest position and down. It would be unrealistic for it all to have been dealt with in this short amount of time. It takes years upon years to clean up corrupt cops, politicians, and other government positions. Hopefully they will be able to confirm properly who all was involved so they can be fired and charged along with all the celebrities getting outed.


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hohliu7,541 pts Wednesday, March 13, 2019 13
Wednesday, March 13, 2019

The deeper we dig, more will reveal....Stay tune for more news. Keep your tab open....AKP


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