Posted by Susan-Han Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Media reporters begin coining a new era of the 'Big 4', excluding YG Entertainment


Media reporters have started to coin a new era - discarding the old titled of the 'Big 3' used to indicate the Korean music industry's leaders and instating a new era known as the 'Big 4'. 

Two original companies from the 'Big 3' - SM Entertainment and JYP Entertainment - remain a part of the new 'Big 4'. The company which has been excluded in the new era of the 'Big 4' is none other than YG Entertainment, as media reporters analyzed, "YG Entertainment, which boasted high income numbers from 2015-2017 through Big Bang's world tour, Japan tour, fan meetings, etc, began its decline last year due to the Big Bang members' consecutive military enlistments." Furthermore, "While the recent scandal involving Seungri is causing big fluctuations in YGE's stock prices, the label has undoubtedly been in hot waters since before the scandals." 

Replacing YG Entertainment as the newer half of the 'Big 4' are Big Hit Entertainment and CJ ENM. According to media reporters, "While CJ ENM does not manage artists firsthand, the agency is extending its influence rapidly through the method of investment. Obtaining music labels such as Jellyfish Entertainment, Stone Music Entertainment, Swing Entertainment, Amoeba Culture, AOMG, Hi-Lite RecordsH1GHR MUSIC, and more as direct subsidiaries, CJ ENM has risen up to take the title of a big gun in the music industry. Most recently, the company also joined hands with Big Hit to create a co-label Belift Lab, announcing intentions to form a boy group to follow in the footsteps of BTS." Another factor attributed to CJ ENM's rise in power over the music industry is its ownership of cable broadcasting station Mnet, birthing the 'Produce' series. 

Finally, regarding the 'Big 4's rookie agency Big Hit Entertainment, media reporters critiqued, "BTS and Bit Hit have grown from their small beginnings to now to become unquestionably the artist and the entertainment agency representing the nation of South Korea... Financial analysts even predict that Big Hit may surpass the SM, JYP, and YG soon to become the highest income entertainment company in history... The label also took care of the risk of a fallout from their artists' contract expirations early last year, and then went on to successfully launch BTS's first hoobae group, cutting down their potential risks one by one." 

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CROW1,949 pts Wednesday, March 27, 2019 7
Wednesday, March 27, 2019

eh. i think it's too soon to tell tbh. big 3 were consider big 3 because they've all each had >10 consecutive years of success, multiple groups which have been very successful, multiple successful subsidiaries/branches, permanent producers/choreographers/composers +

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fefethepinay98 pts Wednesday, March 27, 2019 16
Wednesday, March 27, 2019

The big three was never about money. It was about the company with groups but that are always successors. SM, JYP, and YG artist are always being talked about and their music is always being listened too and they are always winning at music shows, etc... it was never about money. YG was still concidered big 3 when they had nothing. Lol, for the people doubting me, I’ve litterly grew up in kpop.... my cousins were big fanboys of Jinusean, 1TYM, G.O.D, H.O.T, Shinhwa, etc. Literally from the 90’s to now, I know your not going to believe me but even a cousin was a background dancer, I’ve met idols multiples times, I have family that works in a company that has ties to mutipule kpop company’s because they have worked and sponcered multipule times. All y’all little newbies don’t know what your talking about.

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