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Fans angry with MLD Entertainment's sudden 'attitude' change at Momoland's fan sign events


According to netizens online, Momoland's recent domestic fan sign events have stirred anger and controversy among longtime fans. 

Read why fans are finding the fan sign events problematic below:

"There were a lot of problems recently with discrimination against 'domestic fans' and extremely tight security at the fan signs, like the event ends in 50 mins, etc... some new accounts from yesterday came up." 

"Kekekeke I never thought I'd hear 'You'll be back tomorrow anyway' at a fan sign d*** kekekeke. And not only that, but I heard it two days in a row; I'm pissed kekekeke." 

"The seat ahead of me was empty so I talked with the member there too and when I moved up to the next seat, they're like 'You already talked so you said everything right? Please move on' kekekekekekekeke. They need to quit f***ing with us, and when I tried to say, 'That doesn't make sense', they're like 'Is there a problem?' kekekeke." 

"I'll be there tomorrow and the next day, so they tell me to just hurry up and move on as soon as I sit down f*** kekekeke. If that's how it's gonna be then why would I pay to go to a fan sign? kekekeke." 

"If you have time to worry about fans not moving up in line fast enough, you should use that time to take care of the fans who are actually coming kekekeke." 

"Why are there 7 security personnel for 7 members." 

"There's a security person behind every member." 

"'Line up to #85' they say."

"Line up to #80?"

"It's been an hour since the fan sign started...

They just called up through #90..."

"They hurried through 5 fans in under 3 minutes." 

"Why is it at #85 already? When did the Momoland fan sign start?"

"They told us that since we'll be here again next time anyway, to hurry up and move keke."

"It wasn't like this up until last comeback promotions. Back then, they'd hold fan signs for like 3 hours and also perform and such, but the company all of a sudden went crazy this comeback. 

It's so bad that the members are trying to keep the fans there a little longer, talking slower, but the staff behind them snatches the album from the members' hands as soon as they're done signing and passes it to the next." 

Many longtime Momoland fans seem to be complaining about poor treatment, as they are allegedly told at each fan sign event to "hurry up" since they'll be there again the next time. 

Onlookers commented, "Does the company not want to make money or some sh**?", "I'd be so pissed", "Why is there no such thing as a good company in this country", "They're literally trying to chase away their most loyal fans", "Please come this way to exit the fandom~", "They probably planned the schedules way too tight, thinking the fans won't abandon them but that's where they're wrong", "The company wants to go bankrupt", and more. 

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pink_oracle5,796 pts Sunday, March 31, 2019 0
Sunday, March 31, 2019

I get that some fans will try to take up too much time or act inappropriately but if you start treating every fan like they're unwanted you're gonna end up poor.



DTRT7,222 pts Sunday, March 31, 2019 0
Sunday, March 31, 2019

I wonder if Momoland didn't receive a threat for security to be as aggressive as they were.

7 security guards for 7 members is pretty strong security for a fan sign event.



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