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Posted by kevanimeweird 25 days ago

Will pristin be another after school

Its been 2 years since we haven't seen Pristin in the scene . And we're thinking will they ever make a comeback, its 2 years and we still have questions  on whats going on between pristin  and pledis ?

I mean this isn't the first time Pledis have neglected their only girl group ,*cough afterschool.  I mean we all adore afterschool and their songs heck they had one the  best selling albums ,for their song "Because of you " and my all time favorite "Bang ". But will pristin be another afterschool 

Have their  company neglected them for song without any clarification on them?

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    K_aus 25 days ago 3
    25 days ago

    So much potential only for Pledis to fuck up another group I feel so bad for them.


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    Fatndumb 25 days ago 0
    25 days ago

    Look I understand after school didn't end well, but the group in itself had a wonderful career.

    The girls have mostly gone on to great things. I would say pristine will be lucky to accomplish half of what afterschool has done.



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