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14 Love and Breakup Kpop Songs for Valentine's Day


With love in the air this Valentine's Day, some of us may be living life with hearts in our eyes and Cupid's arrow sticking out of our butts. But for others, Valentine's Day is a day of sadness for love lost and reflecting on what we once had. And Kpop is no exception to these feelings. 

For every song professing love to a significant other, there is another lamenting on the feelings of sorrow from a breakup. In this list, we will be touching on 14 of those songs that hold meaning for some of us.

Taeyang "Eyes Nose Lips"

Taeyang bares it all in this raw, emotional song. The lyrics reflect on lost love, how even though his significant other is gone, the memories of them and their time together lives on with him. 

Ailee "Heaven"

Ailee's debut single touches on that sensation of learning about love for the first time. It teaches us that the feelings of love we feel being around a significant other can make us feel like we're in heaven.

iKON "Love Scenario"

The defining Kpop song of 2018, "Love Scenario" tells us that breakups can sometimes be for the best. Even though feelings of love develop in a relationship, the bad sometimes outweighs the good, and deciding to end it is perfectly okay.

Seventeen "Pretty U"

The feeling of wanting to profess your love can be incredibly overwhelming. "Pretty U" goes through the conflict of trying to find the right words to say to someone you feel so strongly about.

2NE1 "Lonely"

The feeling of being alone after a breakup can be so incredibly palpable. 2NE1 touches on that feeling, reflecting on the anguish of being alone, wondering where everything went wrong, and wanting nothing more than to apologize.

Akdong Musician "200%"

Fresh love can give us that warm and bubbly feeling in our chests, and "200%" perfectly reflects on that. The happiness we feel from experiencing young love can bring the brightest smile to our reddened faces.

Big Bang "Haru Haru"

The hurt we feel after a breakup can make us say the harshest things, and "Haru Haru" puts that pain into words for us. Even though we do our best to push away the one we used to love, somewhere deep down all we really want is for them to be happy.

BTS "Just One Day"

Love makes us want nothing more than to spend time with the one we care for. BTS tells us that even though we all may be busy with our lives, we all just want one day where we can spend as much time as we want with our significant other.

Red Velvet "One of These Nights"

Red Velvet touches on the yearning we feel after going our separate ways with a significant other. We go through our memories of our time together in the hopes that one day we'll be able to see them again.

EXO "Lucky"

Love can appear out of nowhere for some of us, and we consider ourselves lucky to have. It brings out happiness we've never felt before, all thanks to the one person we managed to find. And we're lucky to have them.

K.Will "Please Don't"

We've all been there: yearning for someone out of our reach. K.Will reflects on that feeling while also resigning himself and allowing himself to let that person go and be happy, as much as it hurts to do so.

Super Junior "No Other"

For some of us, there really is no other person for you than the one you love. "No Other" reflects on those feelings of happiness when you're together, and puts into words how there is no other person for us besides that special someone.

Day6 "Congratulations"

Love can sometimes have an ugly side to it, and it brings out the worst in some of us. A breakup leaves us hurt and when we see our ex has moved on, all we feel is anger at both the one who left us and the one they left us for.

Dream "Suzy and Baekhyun"

"Dream" expresses the feelings of both sides of a relationship, how both can feel that the other is someone from their dreams. The shy honesty that comes from both the man and the woman makes their love that much sweeter. 

There are so many love and breakup songs in Kpop that I couldn't even think of fitting them all in this list. Which ones come to your mind? Let me know down below.

Happy Valentine's Day, everybody! ^^

  1. Ailee
  2. Akdong Musician (AKMU)
  3. Big Bang
  4. Taeyang
  5. BTS
  6. DAY6
  7. EXO
  8. Baekhyun
  9. iKON
  10. K.Will
  11. Suzy
  12. Red Velvet
  13. Seventeen
  14. Super Junior
  15. 2NE1
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L_catzzz977 pts Thursday, February 14, 2019 0
Thursday, February 14, 2019

My always no. 1 favorite breakup song.....

"Yeah, love is pain
Dedicated to all my broken-hearted people
One’s old a flame
Just scream my name
And I’m so sick of love songs
Yeah, I hate damn love songs, momento of ours



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Saturday, May 25, 2019

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