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The East Light members defend Media Line Ent, say they feel betrayed by Lee Suk Chul and his exaggerated claims


On December 26, Media Line Entertainment CEO Kim Chang Hwan, representative Lee Jung Hyun, and The East Light members Jung Sa Kang and Lee Eun Sung held a press conference, as reported 

Jung Sa Kang first shared he decided to attend the press conference to reveal the truth and said, "I don't understand and I'm also angry at how such incident occurred suddenly."

He continued, "I felt betrayed seeing Lee Suk Chul hyung holding a press conference. Suk Chul hyung obeyed the CEO for the past 3 years and voluntarily called him his second father on SNS but he suddenly turned around," and said, "Suk Chul hyung talked like he was speaking for the group. I didn't understand and felt angry. I was frustrated and I'm still upset."

Lee Eun Sung agreed and said it was upsetting how the public only listened to one side of the story. He stated, "It was sad and unfortunate how the people I treasure became bad people to the public," and added, "They had the chance to decide on their dreams but we had to endure the sorrow of losing the group overnight."

Lee Eun Sung added that Lee Suk Chul never discussed the issue with the members but pretended like he was speaking for the entire group. He also shared, "He claimed we received threats with guitar string wrapped around our necks but Suk Chul was the one who wrapped and pulled the strings around our necks after watching the movie 'Whiplash.' Our joyful time of playing around has been exaggerated as a time of hell."

Lee Eun Sung continued, "We did receive (physical) punishment during our trainee days and our early debut days but we have never been locked up or abused like how Suk Chul and Seung Hyun claimed." 

The two members and the CEO also claimed that Lee Suk Chul received additional physical punishment from his father. Lee Eun Sung said, "I often heard it from Lee Suk Chul that he has been hit with a belt." Jung Sa Kang also said, "They often told us that they've been hit. They went home after causing trouble and they were hit with a golf club until 4 am."

Meanwhile, producer Moon Young Il has been jailed ahead of the trial.

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casualunicorn18 pts Wednesday, December 26, 2018 1
Wednesday, December 26, 2018

i have to wonder why they only spoke up now. it's been what... 2 months? since the whole thing blew up? and somehow it took them this long since their contracts got terminated to say something. and interestingly it's a COMPLETE opposite to what Suk Chul is saying AND they are now putting the blame on him and his father?

also the part

"Suk Chul was the one who wrapped and pulled the strings around our necks after watching the movie 'Whiplash.' Our joyful time of playing around has been exaggerated as a time of hell." sounds like gaslighting tbqh.

i have to wonder...


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badcatlizbeth0 pt Wednesday, December 26, 2018 4
Wednesday, December 26, 2018

To be honest a child at that age would not have the courage to go to public about an abuse if it were not true, it is obvious company is pressurizing the remaining members to refuse the statement probably because they want to continue with their careers, And he cried so much it is not possible for a child to cry voluntarily about a thing that is not true. That f*cking ent. should just go to hell.


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