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Microdot's uncle reveals he was also scammed into a personal guarantee by Microdot's parents


It's been revealed that Microdot's uncle was also scammed into signing a personal guarantee by the rapper's parents, according to reports on November 23. 

Currently, police have reopened a fraud case involving rapper Microdot's parents, who have been accused of scamming various neighbors and acquaintances for an amount of up to 2 billion KRW (~ 1.8 million USD), then fleeing to New Zealand, some time in 1998.

One media outlet stated that Microdot's uncle Shin Hyung Woong also signed a guarantee with his younger brother, Microdot's father, for an amount of 2 million KRW (~ 176,000 USD). Shin added, "At the time, my younger brother got rid of his farm, made up of over 80 dairy cows, and fled the country overnight. Many people called me afterward claiming that they gave him money... asking that I repay them, since I am his older brother." 

However, Shin alleged that the reported fraud amount surpassing 2 billion KRW has been over-exaggerated by the media. He said, "It was among close people, lending amounts like 1 million KRW (~ 900 USD) or 10 million KRW (~ 9,000 USD) due to the fact that they were close acquaintances, but [the amount] has been falsely blown up..."

Meanwhile, in another report, it was revealed that Microdot will likely not be legally responsible for any of his parents' debt amounts, as projected by finance experts. Nonetheless, observing netizens are still arguing that the son must pay the debt owed by his parents. Stay tuned for updates. 
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MariaR380 pt Saturday, November 24, 2018 0
Saturday, November 24, 2018

As long as Microdot's parents are alive and working they should pay the debit back. Not Microdot nor his uncle are responsible for what their parents did.



Cheo12 pts Saturday, November 24, 2018 0
Saturday, November 24, 2018

Why the fuck should Microdot pay a goddamn cent to anyone? If I was him I'd come out in a press conference, thank his fans for supporting him during this difficult time, and then tell the people who are calling for him to repay the debt to fuck off. in those exact words.



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