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Posted by lunarkook0 pt Saturday, October 27, 2018

Engaging in a K-pop fandom.... how do you go about it?



I'm an ARMY and I've been wondering about that #fandomlife for a while. I used to be a very avid user of ARMYs Amino, but now I'm starting to compare my time as an ARMY while on the app to my time alone and largely unengaged with the fandom.

Does anyone have any thoughts on being "a part" of the fandom? I often find it tiring, all I really want is BTS content alone. But to learn more about BTS, or any Idol group for that matter, it often takes going into the depths of twitter or instagram or reddit. For theories and news and the occasional meme, sure, we all need the "fandom" for those purposes. In addition to fan projects and voting and such. But I'd rather be largely detached from a fandom so large, a fandom so tiring to keep up with. Yep this was all a bunch of rambling... But anyway, I'd greatly appreciate your advice/comments/thoughts.

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    Saturday, October 27, 2018

    I don't. The whole thing is stupid. Besides the actual supporting the artist, fandoms are all toxic and mindless. As soon as you become a fan, criticisms towards those artist are no longer able to be said. Crossing fandoms is barely acceptable, cause if you don't just "love" one group you aren't a real fan. Other people feel like they have the right to tell you how to be a fan. I can go on and on. For example, when I say Jin is lucky to be in BTS, armies will attack me. Like I am not a fan too. He is lucky. He isn't a good dancer, and their genre is completely not his style. For him to be in that group is luck. Does that mean I hate Jin? No. Does that mean that I wish him to leave the group? of course not. It just a blunt observation. Similar with Bora's lack of rapping skill. Does that mean I love her less? No, I love her regardless of her very subpar rapping. Does that make me less of a Sistar fan? HA, I have all of their albums and know all of their songs and have seen all of their dramas and web dramas. Again, it just a blunt observation. But being in a fandom......grrrr. Fandoms are the worst part of K-pop. Even worse than western fanclubs sans the Beyhive (they are just as bad)


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    Saturday, October 27, 2018

    "a fandom so tiring to keep up with" - Simple answer: You dont have to keep up if you dont want to. if it gets tiring/not enjoyable, take a step back :)

    Fandoms do have benefits - lots of willing pple to give u info about a grp (cos my brain cant keep track of all that),

    make subs T_T, get memes, donation projects, make friends.

    (my fav. - help u find the name of a song from just a gif or a 10sec clip ^_^)

    but nowadays, pple only notice the badside - spamming for views, insulting other groups to make their favs better, being unable to take criticism, etc

    I'm a multifan (diehard VIP/MeU) [i've never understood the solo fan culture both b4 & after i entered kpop.]

    so taking part in ALL fandom activities WILL drain me. I just chk out what i like, aka mostly news articles, or youtube clips/subs, & i leave. & that works for me :)



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