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Taebin reveals BLK was forced to disband + wanted to die thinking about his future

Taebin shared an update on BLK.

Recently on BLK's fan cafe, Taebin officially spoke up about the group's situation for the first time in months. The idol delivered the news of BLK's disbandment and his whereabouts. The post reads as follows: 

"Hello, this is Taebin. 

It's been a while. I worried a lot about how to start this post. I wasn't able to visit the fan cafe for a while because coming into the cafe was such a heartbreaking act for me. I believe there are many questions in your mind, asking, 'Why aren't they making a comeback?', 'What happened?', 'What about Makestar?' I wanted to say many things but I've waited because the company said they will be posting an official announcement, but too much time has gone by now, and I realized there is not even one staff member who can provide an official statement so I'm bringing up the courage to do so myself.

To say the conclusion first, BLK has disbanded. Around August, Jong In and I left first, and I believe the other members left around early September. Jong In and I left the group first, and the process of leaving was horrifying and painful. I wasn't able to sleep without drinking alcohol and I just wanted to die as I wondered if I practiced 7-8 years to see such results and worried about what will be my future now. And in midst of all this, I received 5 to 6 direct messages a day, criticizing me or saying the money they put in Makestar isn't coming back to them (Why are you asking me this...), and some even found out my KakaoTalk ID and called me at 2 am. Some cursed at me and my members as if we have just left the people who have no idea about the situation. All this right at the moments where I just wanted to die. 

I've really spent the worst summer of my life enduring the sadness of leaving the group and the indescribable pain. Of course, I understand that you guys didn't have any info. There was no announcement, so, of course, there will be numerous speculations and rumors. I can't explain our situation to each and every one of you so I'm posting this here. I hope this resolves your questions. 

One thing for sure is that my members and I did not do anything wrong regarding the group's disbandment. I can't tell you guys in detail but we had to disband due to the company's internal circumstances. We were forced to disband. I needed great courage to talk about our end like this. It's really over now. I have to accept it...

Numerous idol groups are born and disappear in South Korea. Some idols succeed and shine bright, but I'm going to be walking a different path now. It was for a short time but I will remember our BLK, and I, Taebin, who were once a very small light. I will deeply treasure the great love from you guys, the life in Japan and China before our debut, our joyful showcase, the cake and numerous letters you guys sent me on my birthday, our heart-pounding first broadcast, a bit lacking fan party, our last broadcast which we didn't know was our last, fun KCON, and our last OST recording in BLK's name. I think those memories will allow me to work hard from now on. I will forever live by treasuring these thoughts and emotions.  

I still don't know what kind of job I should pursue now. I'm still worrying about if I should sing, enlist in the military, or select a different career, but I pray that we can meet again one day wherever I am."

BLK (short for Beyond, Limit, Key) debuted in December 2017. MingMing joined the group in April 2018. The group has faced disbandment in less than a year after debuting.
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