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Posted by LeJulie AKP STAFF Thursday, September 27, 2018

Most Intense K-POP Dance Routines

1. SHINee's Lucifer
"Lucifer" has always been a difficult song to learn with its hard-hitting moves, high energy, and quick transitions. Choreographed by Rino Nakasone and Shim Jae Won, "Lucifer" takes tutting to a whole new level with its precise, synchronized, and incredibly calculated movements.
2. BTS' Fire
A definite hard hitting song with sick moves and powerful footwork. Even from the start, BTS has always amazed with their precise movements but "Fire" takes their choreography and dance skills to a higher level. Choreographed by Keone Madrid, "Fire" is a song of strength, endurance, and quality that boys execute flawlessly every time.
3. B.A.P's One Shot
With a lot of level work and floor work, this song requires pure muscle strength and endurance. A highly aerobic dance, B.A.P. pushes their bodies to limits of incredible skill and artistry.
4. miss A's Breathe
Generally, girl groups tend to focus on sharing their cuteness, sexiness, or aegyo but miss A goes for pure physical strength with this song. It may not look that difficult but when you really think about the immense and continuous chest, hips, and core strength needed to complete this dance you'll think again.
5. EXO's Wolf
Choreographed by Tony Testa, "Wolf" pushes the boys of EXO to literal flight across the stage. From jerking, moving and jumping, the boys hardly ever stop in this incredibly strong song.
6. After School's First Love
Don't let pole dancing fool you because it takes so much more strength than you think. In order to really pull off the sexy and fluid choreography, the girls from After School have to really push their body to hold the repeated moves.
7. T-ara's Lovey Dovey
This dance may seem simple enough but there's a lot of shuffling involved. Shuffling may seem like an easy thing to do but in order to do it properly and precisely, T-ara had to put in hours and days of work to really get it just right.
8. HyunA's Red
The queen of sexy is known to pop it simply and easily. But in order to execute the big movements to really shine this dance requires a lot of stamina and core strength. And being HyunA, there is barely any moment of rest as she transitions from groundwork to level by constantly moving her hips, rear, and thighs.
9. G-Friend's Navillera
G-Friend's growth over the years has definitely been remarkable and a big part of that is their unique dance styles. "Navillera" is one of their most difficult dances due to the constant movement of the arms, intricate footwork, and synchronized moves that really test their teamwork.
10. INFINITE's The Chaser
One of KPOP's top dance groups, Infinite really proves themselves with "The Chaser." INFINITE's strength in dancing comes from their ability to make even the most difficult dance moves look smooth and silky with almost no effort at all. Check it out!
11. GOT7's Hard Carry
Talk about a workout! The boys of GOT7 go hard throughout this entire routine. You're going to be breathing heavy after getting through this.
12. NCT 127's Cherry Bomb (Cherry Ver.)
You might not be a fan of NCT 127 but you will definitely respect and appreciate them after watching their intense dancing. They always have one of the best choreography in K-pop on a consistent basis.

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