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Posted by ttjenny Friday, August 10, 2018

Facts About Your Favorite Group Leaders

Solji, Leeteuk, Yenny, S.Coups, Rap Monster, JB, Solar, Irene, B.I, Jihyo
1. Red Velvet's Irene
1. Irene's favorite movie is 'The Notebook.'
2. She was in SHINee's music video "Why So Serious"
3. Bae Juhyun is her real name, Irene is her stage name -- which comes from Greek mythology and translates to 'goddess of peace'.
4. She has a thing for museums and often visits them. Particularly folk museums!
2. EXID's Solji
1. Solji is the main vocalist of EXID.
2. EXID has a subunit, Dasoni, a duo consisting of herself and Hani.
3. She was a vocal trainer before debuting with EXID. She actually coached her own group!
4. Solji was the very first winner of 'Mask King'!
3. GOT7's JB
1. JB had his first kiss when he was 13.
2. He speaks Japanese.
3. His favorite sports are basketball and football.
4. He's an only child!
4. iKON's B.I
1. He has been a YG trainee since he was 12 years old (he is now 21).
2. He currently has 3 tattoo's, one being 'like father like son, like master like man, for the kingdom of heaven' on his right hip.
3. Although always confident on stage, B.I is known to be shy around new people.
4. He's a big fan of Mickey Mouse!
5. TWICE's Jihyo
1. Jihyo was schoolmates with KARD's Jiwoo.
2. She was born with the name Park Jisoo, but changed it to Jihyo before her idol debut.
3. She was in 3rd grade (elementary school) when she was scouted to JYP Entertainment.
4. Her stress relief is karaoke!
6. MAMAMOO's Solar
1. She participated in 'We Got Married' with Eric Nam.
2. Her stage name comes from the musical scale of 'do re me fa so la' (so-la, solar). Which is why she is in charge of high notes!
3. Her favorite hip-hop artists are Lil Wayne and Simon D.
4. Other than being the leader of MAMAMOO, she is also the main vocalist and face of the group!
7. BTS' RM
1. His first stage name was Runch Randa, but changed it to Rap Monster for his debut in BTS. Now he is called RM.
2. Everyone know's Namjoon can speak fluent English, but do you know how he learned? He self taught himself by watching episodes of the US TV show 'Friends'! He also knows Japanese.
3. He has over 100 songs accredited to his name by the Korea Music Copyright Association.
4. RM worked with dozens of Western artists, including Wale and Fall Out Boy!
8. Yenny (Now Disbanded Wonder Girls)
1. After Wonder Girls' hiatus, she became the leader of the group in 2015 until disbandment. Sunye was the original leader!
2. She was one of the few artists under JYPE to not have a dating ban.
3. Yenny is a huge fan of 'Harry Potter.' She even has the Gryffindor sword tattooed on her left thigh. She included this in her newest song 'Pluhmm'; "I'm a Gryffindor girl".
4. She composed and arranged over half of the Wonder Girls' songs, as well as all of her own music!
9. Seventeen's S.coups
1. S.coups was originally going to debut with N'UEST!
2. He created his stage name himself. The 'S' comes from his name Sungcheol, while the 'coup' part comes from the phrase 'coup d'état'.
3. He's a black belt in Taekwondo. He learned and practiced for 7 years!
4. While he loves singing and performing, he also wants to become an actor one day. We want Actor Coup!
10. G-Friend's Sowon
1. She is currently majoring in Acting and Visual Media at Sungshin Women's University. 2. She was a former trainee at DSP and trained alongside the KARD members! 3. She had a role in Rainbow's music video 'To Me. 4. Walking down runways and catwalks is one of her favorite things to do! She loves showing off her outfits and style.

  1. Solji
  2. Leeteuk
  3. Yenny
  4. S.Coups
  5. Rap Monster
  6. JB
  7. Solar
  8. Irene
  9. B.I
  10. Jihyo
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