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Posted by beansss AKP STAFF Monday, July 23, 2018

Netizens call out Wanna One fans for leaving huge gaps in audience before '2018 Ulsan Summer Festival's final act Seungri

Seungri, Wanna One
On July 23, the '2018 Ulsan Summer Festival' kicked off at the Ulsan Sports Complex Stadium. The festival is a week-long event, but for younger crowds, the main event took place on the first day - an 'Ulsan Summer Festival' special of 'Show! Music Core'.

On this day, the performing lineup for 'Music Core' included Wanna One, Seventeen, TWICE, NCT 127, G-Friend, LABOUM, F.T. Island, Triple H, Big Bang's Seungri, Kim Chung Ha, Golden Child, IN2IT, Momoland, Jung Se Woon, KARD, Gugudan SEMINA, and 100%.

According to fan accounts on July 24 KST, however, it seems some fans in the audience caused disturbances by leaving early during the show. One netizen claimed online,

"I'm not trying to accuse the entire fandom, but a select part of the fandom who attended the Ulsan festival. During the Ulsan festival, at least half the crowd of a certain fandom immediately got up to leave in one big mass once their group finished performing their 3 songs, even though Seungri's ending stage was left. Even though Ong Seong Wu asked everyone to stay seated and not leave; they ignored him and up and left. Thanks to the huge crowd of people leaving, they played Seungri's introductory video twice, and the atmosphere of the whole place died down thanks to the poor manners of the audience. Still, the ending was awesome enough to cause goosebumps after Seungri got everybody to stand up and go crazy with his medley of 'Bang Bang Bang' and 'Fantastic Baby'. Do you think some of us are sitting there until the end because we don't have our own groups we stan? And even the free tickets were possible with our taxes, so some of you fans, please let's just show good audience manners."

Other netizens commented on the matter, "Heol, it must have been awkward for Seungri... VIPs must have felt hurt", "What trashy manners", "Honestly, it's just gonna be worse at end-of-year ceremonies", "It's true that it's something to be weary of at free concerts", "But regardless of what fandom you're in, we know these kinds of exist in all fandoms and it really needs to be addressed", etc.

Have you seen this happen during music festivals you've attended?

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