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Posted by yckim124 AKP STAFF Friday, July 6, 2018

[Interview] A.C.E talk audition show experience, first impressions, dorm life without Chan, and more!

Ace, Ace, Ace
A.C.E is here with the answers to your questions!

In light of their hot comeback with the album 'Adventures in Wonderland' and title track "Take Me Higher",allkpopprepared an exclusive chance for fans to ask anything and everything to A.C.E.

Shoutout from A.C.E:

Afterthoroughly looking over the interesting questions from fans, the members responded with some interesting answers.

Check out what A.C.E have to say in response to your questions below!

"Take Me Higher"!

I think it took about 2 days to learn the entire song.

Donghoon: SHINee's "I Want You"
Wow: K.vsh's "Liar"
Jun: Lauv's "Paris in the Rain"
Byeongkwan: iKON's "Long Time No See"

My name got known as Kim Byeong Kwan through 'MIXNINE' so I'm promoting with my legal name from now on.

In the position of a leader, you often have to step up and lead the way. It'll be a lie to say that I don't feel any pressure or responsible for the decisions we make. But I'm so grateful because my members fill in my lacking parts and follow me with trust. They tell me the things I don't know and encourage me so I can do better. I recently realized that a leader can grow on their own, but a great leader needs his colleagues by his side. And that together builds a great team. I don't think I would be here if it weren't for my members. I'm so grateful.

Donghoon: I want to learn photography. I don't want to just pass by the beautiful moments I come across in my daily life. I want to capture it in a photo.
Wow: Cycling
Jun: Meditation, swimming
Byeongkwan: Sauna

I don't know when I exactly started but I became interested so I searched on the internet and on YouTube to teach myself!

Jun: Oh, this is what idol trainee must be like!
Wow: What is he..?
Byeongkwan: He looks like mydongsaengnext door...
Chan: Very bright...

Donghoon: 'Superstar K' star
Jun: Cold kid
Byeongkwan: A neighborhood dongsaeng
Chan: Babo (stupid)

Donghoon: Very naive looking. Nerdy image
Wow: Really scary hyung
ByeongKwan: A boy filled with confidence
Chan: The most naive boy in the world

Jun: Looks strong...
Wow: Looks stronger
Donghoon: Nice hyung
Chan: Bright dongsaeng

SHINee sunbaenim, who have tried various newconcepts and performances since their debut, is the sunbaenim that we have always admired. Our promotion period overlapped this time so we met them often at broadcast stations. When watching their stages, we realizedthat A.C.E have a lot to learn from them.

We fight often. But that doesn't mean we get into fist fights but more like argumentson different opinions. It's not easy to practice and get things together in one direction with 5 people. We prepare everything together but the five of us always have different opinions and feelings. So throughout this process, we share our honest opinions and thoughts. So then we can understand one another better and narrow down to an agreement. We think that's the first step to a great teamwork.

PC gameand we usually watch movies but right now we're in promotions, so we lack sleep. If we have free time now then we all plan to sleep.

Our temporary maknae Byeongkwan has great energy so he's in charge of being the energizer right now but we can't help feel the emptiness of Chan; our original vitamin with his unique brightness. We hope the 5 of us can release an album together soon.

Donghoon: Chan - I think he'll be fun to be around.
Wow: Byeongkwan - I think he'll be fun.
Jun: Wow - I feel like he'll be very warm and we'll connect well.
Byeongkwan: Wow - I think we will get along well.

Chan. From a high schooler to an adult, his skills have improved the most out of all but his visuals have turned noticeably pretty. He's the member that has changed the most throughout the past year.

All the members talked about this often and all five of us want to try trendy hip-hop. We think we will be able to see a never-before-seen side of A.C.E (with the hip-hop concept)!

Donghoon: I came to look at the members in a new perspective after seeing their leadership.

Jun: I was proud of all members. I once again realized that they've all started this career for their great love for music.

Wow: The responsibility the members have for their performance was greater and more precious than what I've thought.

Byeongkwan: They are all capable of pulling off varying concepts, and they are much more talented at singing and dancing than I thought.

They didn't feel uncomfortable at all when we wore them. It was summer at the time so it was very breezy and we don't think we could ever wear such comfortable stage outfits ever again. Short shorts itself was very new to us at first too, and it's true that they were embarrassing. But we didn't let that feeling stay. We thought, "If we are confident in them then what's the problem?" And as a result, the short shorts became a signature for A.C.E and we were also able to receive great attention and love from the public and fans due to it so we're actually very happy.

Donghoon: This moment right now might also be your happiest moment. Wouldn't you be happy if you feel happy with the present and live your best??

Wow: You will be able to laugh it off once it passes by! Like how they say time is medicine, I think it will be good for you to take some time off to relax.

Jun: Don't make things harder by forcing yourself to overcome the hardship. The hardship is ultimately yours no matter what so it'll naturally improve once you embrace it.

Byeongkwan: I don't think you can change a hard time into a not hard time. I believe a good day will come if you endure and overcome it. That also applies to me.

Donghoon:Standing on end-of-the-year stages!
Wow: Entering the top 100 on music charts
Jun: Releasing a full album with all 5 members
Byeongkwan: Not a specific goal but I just hope that I can be satisfied with myself at the end of the year and we become a more relaxed team.

Last words for international fans:
To Choice who we love the most! We cannot express the great appreciation we have for you guys in this short message but we can promise you one thing! We will become A.C.E who you can always be proud of and show off about. Thank you for always trusting in us. We love you, our Choice. This was A.C.E ^^!
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