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G-Friend talk about their great friendship with TWICE

G-Friend spoke about their deep friendship with fellow girl group TWICE.

G-Friend is planning a comeback with their new summer mini-album, 'Sunny Summer'on July 19. Before their comeback, G-Friend told reporters that they are maintaining a great relationship with TWICE, another girl group who made their debut in 2015, just like G-Friend.

Leader Sowon said, "Even though we cannot meet often because of our busy schedules, we are very good friends. Because we are able to meet sometimes during promotions or activities, we say to each other, 'Let's hang out'or'Let's eat out sometime.'"

Yerin of G-Friend mentioned that she and the TWICE members usually talk about food, saying, "Because we're so close, we just end up talking about food endlessly. We're really comfortable with them."

Eunha added that TWICE had seen their new teaser, saying, "TWICE saw our new teaser and sent us a message complimenting how refreshing it is. I myself really enjoyed TWICE's new comeback song and their dance was always very fun. I want to perform on a stage with them soon!"

How do you feel about the girls' tight-knit friendship? Are you excited for G-Friend's comeback?
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