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Posted by Susan-Han Thursday, June 14, 2018

Han Seo Hee causes uproar among ARMYs by saying she met BTS' V at a club in the past

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SNS personality Han Seo Hee is heating up the internet through her Instagram activities once again. This time, the former idol trainee stated during an Instagram live that she once "went to a club with Taehyung (BTS V's real name) when I was 19 years old sh**."

You can catch a clip from Han Seo Hee's Instagram live in the clip below, where it seems she was asked whether she was a fan of BTS or not. She began responding, "I don't like BTS. Everyone, at my age, do you really think I could like BTS?" This response was followed up by the phrase above, then added again, "Everyone, how old am I that I could like BTS and EXO? How old am I?"

Han Seo Hee elaborated on her supposed encounter with V, "Because that day, Ki Bum brought [V] along. To the club. I didn't know him. I don't know V that well, but I used to be close with Ki Bum, and he brought V."

The "Ki Bum" mentioned in Han Seo Hee's Instagram live, fans discovered, refers to rookie model Kim Ki Bum. The model is under YGK Plus and is also known as an SNS star.

After word of Han Seo Hee's Instagram live spread online, ARMYs began an uproar over the matter. For one, many ARMYs pointed out that Han Seo Hee and V are both 1995-ers. Han Seo Hee herself admitted outright that she had been a minor when she visited clubs often back then at 19 years old, leading ARMYs to assume that if her alleged encounter is true, V was also a minor visiting a club illegally.

Han Seo Hee was pestered for clarification on this matter until she finally responded, "I think it wasn't when he was a minor~ Honestly for real, it's nothing to fuss over... ARMYs please don't be like this. I love you ^^ (I won't file any suits against you so please stop fighting, I'm sorry)."

Another topic pointed out by various ARMYs was that BTS's V has never been to a club in his life as stated by himself in the past, said fans. As a result, some ARMYs began accusing Han Seo Hee of lying for attention, attacking her SNS.

Han Seo Hee answered to this with, "...I won't give any more feedback. If I try to give organized feedback it'll just become media-tized again. Do you want your idol to keep being involved with me in the media? Please think things through~".

And then most recently, Han Seo Hee simply wrote, "Reaaa~~lly I kept saying no no, but you all just keep going at it over something so petty; just stop you people;;;;"

When the controversy got out of hand, media outlets reported on Han Seo Hee and BTS fans' activity in addition to contacting model Kim Ki Bum's side. Kim Ki Bum's label told Sports DongA, "It's true that Kim Ki Bum is acquainted with V, but he has never taken V to a club. Kim Ki Bum used to know Han Seo Hee well, but after she gained fame via SNS, he has not been in contact with her."

Currently, ARMYs are commenting, "Who is lying?", "There's no evidence so what's the point of all this?", "If she's correcting what age she went to the club, then she's not telling the truth about any of the other stuff either", "This girl is the biggest attention seeker I've ever seen", "Looks like blatant rumor spreading to me", etc.

Stay tuned for updates.
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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

She is a fucking bitch. someone shut her up already. She is a terrible person,

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Friday, June 14, 2019

Attention seeker

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