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Stray Kids' Hyunjin sheds tears following school bullying rumors

By mkim93   Sunday, April 8, 2018   167,831   12,670   756



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Fans captured Stray KidsHyunjin showing tears following a rumor concerning his past.

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On April 7, one user from an online community platform uploaded a screenshot of a conversation revealing(?) Hyunjin's past. The conversation essentially reads as the following:

Person 1: To talk about me, I think it'll take too long. I'll let you know after my class. All of his close friends already know about his character and acknowledged it.
Person 2: Okay thank you. Let me know when you're comfortable.
Person 1: And he fought a girl 1 one 1.
Person 2: Hul, with a girl?
Person 1: In a private chat, apparently there were talks of him telling the girl, "Just go sell your body, you b*tch." He also used to smoke in middle school.
Person 2: But by looking at his age, he's a high school student. I guess he wasn't a trainee back in middle school?
Person 1: Yes, he probably went to audtions in his last year of middle school.

Person 1: So at first, I ignored him but he asked me again if I was dating that guy again. So when I told him it was none of his business, he suddenly said, "B*tch, are you crazy? Do you want to get hit?". He was yelling as if he was going to hit me which led to other students holding him back.
Person 2: Hul his character...
Person 1: When I got into the last year of middle school, I ended up breaking up with that boy I was dating. Hwang Hyunjin came around lunch time, and a crowd of male students formed to curse me out TT. Out of all the boys, there was one student who talked ill of my parents and I cried on the spot. At that time, Hwang Hyunjin sat in front of me and laughed at me while just looking at me lol" Person 2: Hwang Hyunjin's friends are something else...
Person 1: Hwang Hyungjin's friends had absolutely no business but they all of sudden they started to curse me out on Facebook and said some really harsh stuff like I'm a rag and such.
Person 2: Hul okay...

Since the news broke out, Stray Kids' Hyunjin has been caught crying during a fan meeting event. While the group is singing "Grow Up" in the video below, Hyunjin was the only member shedding tears which led to speculations that the rumors have reached his ears. His fellow members went to comfort him after he sheds tears.

What do you think of the situation?
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