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[MV & Album Review] Super Junior 'Replay'

Super Junior


Track List:

1. Lo Siento (Feat. Leslie Grace)
2. Black Suit
3. Scene Stealer
4. Me & U
5. One More Chance
6. Good Day for a Good Day
7. Runaway
8. Super Duper
9. The Lucky Ones
10. Girlfriend
11. Hug
12. Spin Up!
13. Too late
14. I do
15. Lo Siento (Feat. KARD)

Super Junior has released the repackage of their album 'Play,' titled 'REPLAY.' The 8th repackage has a whopping 15 tracks, all the tracks from the original plus five new ones! Unfortunately, Heechul won't be promoting with the band due to health reasons. This is the first time Super Junior has collaborated with a foreign artist -- Leslie Grace. This review focuses on the new tracks only. A review of the original can be found here.

"Lo Siento (Feat. Leslie Grace)" is a Latin pop/K-Pop mashup. One of the things I can be grateful for is that it doesn't sound too much like Latin pop, which is something I'm not really into. I like the easily singable hooks and the rapping. Ms. Grace lends her sultry vocals to this one -- and kills it. The R&B inspired "Me & U" is one of the new tracks, and sounds exactly like a Super Junior song. It's got the light, soft-pop sound nailed, managing to be tender and upbeat all at once. "Super Duper" is way more my style. Easy hooks and loud synths make this tune pop, the energy in the raps and power in the chorus completes the picture. An awesome jam.

"Hug" is a ballad. And really that's as much as needs to be said about it. It is laid out the same way as every other ballad. It would be more noteworthy if there were even a stab at originality. "Lo Siento (Feat. KARD)" is the title track, only with KARD instead of Ms. Grace (okay, half of KARD, Jiwoo, and Somin). Also, the Spanish lyrics are gone, having been converted to Korean. It sounds more natural this way, and being a KARD fan I'm more partial to this version.

This is a superb addition, each of these songs comparing nicely to the tracks on 'Play.' Standout tracks are Lo Siento (both versions) and "Super Duper." It's intriguing how much international sounds have influenced K-Pop, particularly with the introduction of purely Spanish lyrics in "Lo Siento." It just might be the shot in the arm that K-Pop needs to stay fresh.


Fans will be happy to know that Heechul does appear in the MV, notably miming the guitar riff in the beginning and rapping at the end. The rest of the video has some interesting if low-key effects, such as multiple versions of the boys as they walk by on the street, walk out of a dive bar, etc. The ones who have a girl on their arm also appear to be with the same girl.

Some of the dancing is absolutely boring. They fit the tempo well, but it just seems a bit lazy. In later parts, they were far more active than Leslie Grace, but she probably knows it doesn't pay to dance in stilettos. It's not a big thing, but I noticed it once the choreo picked up.

The video was actually pretty exciting for all that, in part due to scenes I didn't mention. That girl you see dating each member? Yeah, she gets more screen time than just that. Still, the colors and lighting were also dynamic -- I particularly enjoyed the red room that practically silhouetted the boys. Very watchable from start to finish, and I wholeheartedly recommend this one.


MV Relevance...........8
MV Production..........9
MV Concept..............9

Album Production.....8
Album Concept.........8


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