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Posted by LeJulie AKP STAFF Monday, March 5, 2018

Touching Performances that Brought Tears to Our Eyes

1. Song Min Ho's 'Fear'
Coming to 'Show Me the Money' as an idol carries a lot of stigma. Coming from a well-known entertainment company like YG Entertainment definitely diminishes rappers' status as an "authentic" rapper in other people's eyes. In this stage, Mino pours out his heart and soul to display the fear he feels moving into his career.
2. Big Bang's 'Blue'
One of Big Bang's most touching songs, "Blue" in Japanese carries a whole different wave of emotions. It can be seen very clearly on the member's faces the emotions and sorrow they feel singing this song. The beautiful orchestral background accompanied by the boys' beautiful vocals is a great way to display their love and deep feelings. Also having the members just stand and sing allows for a personal connection with the audience giving off a sense of pure vulnerability, no choreography, no fancy movement it's just the boys, the audience, and the song.
3. Taeyeon's 'I Love You'
Her beautiful vocals are enough to cause goosebumps and feelings to rise but the fact that she herself cried during this performance allows for the audience to see Taeyeon as another human being. Sharing her vulnerability with us is what allows fans to continue to love and cherish their favorite idols and Taeyeon gave her all in the music she makes and performs.
4. TVXQ's 'Proud'
TVXQ are true kings of the KPOP world with their incredible influence. "Proud" is one of the songs of many that touches everyone's hearts allowing for a pure connection with the idols they love so much. It's hard not to watch this and cry.
5. Team B's 'Climax'
Survival shows are a common way for idols to be selected to debut and YG is no stranger to them. When they launched 'WIN:Who is Next?', fans were all over themselves for the finale as they anticipated the results of two very hard working teams. The fear, concerns, pain, relief, and so much more mixed emotions are shown very clearly in Team B's final performance. There was not a single dry eye in that stadium.
6. 2NE1 and Lee Hi's 'If I Were You'
"If I Were You" is already a beautiful song as it is but when it's sung with the original queens and their incredibly talented dongsaeng in the company, the song carries a whole new sense of emotions and power. And it all wraps up when we see the queen herself, CL, cry at the very last words of the song and her girls gathering around to support her. There is nothing more powerful and touching than this stage.
7. BTS' 'Born Singer'
Although it's not their original song and is a remix of J.Cole's "Born Sinner", BTS still uses this song to express their fears, sorrows, and worries about their rise to stardom. Idol life may look extravagant but it is definitely anything but easy. The boys suffer long and hard and all of that work is shown purely through this song. Jungkook himself can be seen crying through the end as he sees how far they've come together and how much love they've received.
8. SHINee's Performance for Jonghyun
Death is a permanent and scary thing we try not to think about. But when Jonghyun sadly passed away, it devastated fans worldwide. With the blessing of Jonghyun's mother, SHINee decided to dedicate their following concerts as a tribute to him. They left an extra mic on the stage for their late band member. Much love to all five of the SHINee members.
9. BTOB's Performance for a Deaf Fan
BTOB performed their top song "Missing You" with a deaf fan and some of the members actually performed the song in sign language as a tribute to fans and South Korea's Physical Disability Day. They ended the song with the chorus in sign language which shows that as KPOP develops we continue to get more and more kind-hearted idols.
10. Lee Hi's 'Breathe'
The Princess of YG was a close friend of Jonghyun. He even wrote the song "Breathe" for her newest album. During the '32nd Golden Disk Award', Lee Hi dedicated a special stage to him as a way to remember him for the beautiful and meaningful impact he has made onto the world.

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