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Posted by LorraineYe AKP STAFF Monday, March 19, 2018

10 Times Idols Acknowledged Fan-Made Memes

1. CL
It's a commonly made joke that fans see CL as their 'mom'. These fans comment "MOM" on every social media post CL uploads and can't help but note how great their 'mom' is and how they're looking forward to her album. Well kids, newsflash! Your 'mom' is well-aware she's your mom and also aware that her album delay has been a torturous moment for everyone! CL has no problems playing along with fan-made jokes and even encourages it!
2. Nichkhun
Not many people realize that Nichkhun of 2PM is an absolute and total sass-master. In fact, Nichkhun acknowledged a fan-made meme that sassed the living hell out of Taecyeon. He can't help but tell Taecyeon to stop bothering him, can he?
3. EXO
EXO's "KoKoBop" was a viral hit amongst fans around the world, but most know it from the often memed "KoKoBop Challenge" where fans replicated the dance moves when the beat dropped in random scenarios. This meme made its way full circle when people eventually started to challenge the members of EXO to the "KoKoBop Challenge".
4. Big Bang
A long time ago in an interview, Big Bang's Seungri said the following phrase verbatim: "I want to be a horse". Years later, a fan made this Instagram meme and it made it all the way to Taeyang's Instagram account. In fact, Taeyang loved it so much, they showed it at a live concert where everyone congratulated Seungri on his accomplishment of FINALLY becoming a horse!
5. Taeyeon
Girls' Generation leader, Taeyeon, is as cute as a button, and there can only be one animated lion as cute as her! People started to copying the animated lions poses as a meme and so did Taeyeon! Yes, Taeyeon imitated and took photos of her doing all of Ryan's signature KKT sticker poses as fan service. I love her rendition of the butt-shaking Ryan!
6. Minho
On Korea's SNL, SHINee did the ultimate fan service by acknowledging the legendary "dibidibidis" rap meme in the skit. Seeing this skit is nostalgic for a lot of K-Pop fans, and is a frequently referenced memory for a lot of fans! We have nothing to say except: "My name is Minho"!
7. Johnny
NCT's Johnny had to break down one of the most commonly used words in the K-Pop fandom. "Daddy" is a word some people absolutely dread hearing and others love saying. Johnny finally sat down and explained what the term means once in for all. Is it just us or does it seem like Johnny knows way too much?
8. Siyeon
A fan at a Dreamcatcher concert threw a hilarious meme of Sua towards the stage. Though Sua didn't acknowledge the funny meme, Siyeon rushed to pick it up and quickly start posing with it. How adorable does Siyeon look holding that frowny-faced Sua?
9. Heedo
Heedo from B.I.G. loves to mock the ecstatic comments he gets on his Instagram. It's pretty common for K-Pop fans to comment things like "Mom" or "KING" or something along those lines on an idol's Instagram, so it's pretty hilarious that Heedo decided to say the same things back to them, but about himself.
10. Yuri
Girls' Generation's Yuri had an unflattering haircut during one of the comebacks. A fan quickly made a meme of her new haircut saying she looked like Dora the Explorer. Instead of getting angry, Yuri commented "I AGREE", clearly devastated by the new look, but funny all the same.

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