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Posted by LeJulie AKP STAFF Friday, February 23, 2018

The Best K-POP Leaders

1. G-Dragon
Without a doubt, G-Dragon has to be on this list due to his many years guiding and supporting Big Bang in their rise to fame. For the past 12 years of KPOP, Big Bang has continuously grown to become an incredibly powerful KPOP force and it's thanks to the guiding beam that is G-Dragon. Despite the difficulties they faced from their various scandals to Daesung's accident, G-Dragon never backed down or turned away from his members. He remained by their side supporting and loving them while staying humble through it all. We're gonna miss him while he's in the army.
2. RM
Despite not being the greatest dancer and breaking almost everything he touches, RM is so much more than the God of Destruction. BTS has grown to be one of the biggest boy bands worldwide becoming a brand new sensation in KPOP and the music industry. Thanks to RM and his charismatic leadership in guiding his boys towards a bright and beautiful future for BTS. He breaks Korean stereotypes of rappers and idol groups through being a hard worker in the industry. When he's not practicing, producing, or training, he's writing lyrics for BTS. He is so incredibly respectable because he ranked top #1 in school grades and taught himself English fluently. But he still remains a humble and quirky leader that we all love. He's beyond amazing.
3. Jihyo
Jihyo was chosen as the leader because she is the most selfless and helpful member since their trainee days. Despite her many years being pushed back from her debut, she managed to become a great and inspiring leader for TWICE, leading with a sweet gentleness that cannot be compared. Her willingness to sacrifice to make sure her members get the better end of the deal and her skills as a role model and guide for her group proves to be great skills worthy of a leader.
4. Onew
Chicken lover Onew is definitely one to respect because of how much he cares for his members. Despite all the difficulties his groups went through he still maintained the image of leader to guide and protect. He is a source of strength for his SHINee members to come to with their problems and he listens to everyone. He always helps his members have the spotlight before his own and supports them wholeheartedly.
5. CL
2NE1 blessed the world with their presence for seven wonderful years. Through it all CL did what she could in the industry to support and love her members. Whether that be behind the scenes spending time together or sending loving messages. CL always did what she could to let her members know she loves them and is proud of them. Whenever they perform on stage together, the smile of pure joy on CL's face can be recognized by everyone. Even though 2NE1 has disbanded, she still continues to show her former bandmates love and support.
6. Leeteuk
All these members to take care of and on top of that, he has his own life to balance. Because he's the oldest he was chosen as the leader to guide and protect but you know it can't be easy when there are messy and ridiculous boys to look after. Despite being picked on all the time by his members he still loves and cares for each member dearly. With the lawsuit, Kangin's DUI, and Kibum leaving to act, he had to balance everything to make sure his group stuck together. And when he left for the army and came back he struggled with paying off his father's debt. Despite it all, he smiled through it and put his faith in his fans and his group. A true and dedicated man.
7. Sunggyu
Although he comes off as grumpy and old, he tends to be kind when it comes to his members. He does what he can to protect his members from scandals and make sure he works hard. When there was a scandal he took immediate responsibility and apologized on behalf of his team. Even though he seems grumpy and unapproachable, the sweet man has a soft spot for his team.
8. S.Coups
Since Seventeen is a rather large group, it is difficult to control but S. Coups does what he can to support all 12 of his members and make them feel loved and heard. He shared on a show once that on the day of Seventeen's debut showcase his grandmother was hospitalized but he still maintained his role as the leader guiding his teammate through what needs to be done. He treats his members with much love and respect and serves as a reminder that even leaders make mistakes.
9. Irene
When compared to her members, Irene is quiet and introverted but she's always willing to listen and give support when her members need it. She jokes around and plays with her fellow members but she also knows when she needs to take charge and be serious which makes her a great figure to lead the team.
10. Taeyeon
She earned the nickname "Kid Leader" for a good reason. After so many years, Taeyeon has always kept it together to make sure that the girls would come through with their hard work and talents. Starting at a young age, Taeyeon never hesitated to make Girls' Generation one of the most popular girl groups in K-POP history. She's quiet and leads by examples allowing for her members to come before her and shine equally in the group. She always lets the other members claim the awards and do the speeches instead of doing it herself and does what she can so the other members know they are a valuable part of the team.

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