Posted by beansss Thursday, February 1, 2018

Lucy reveals if she regrets missing her middle school graduation for Weki Meki's press conference

Weki Meki
On February 1, Weki Meki attended a press conference for the upcoming premiere of their web reality show, 'Weki Meki Mohae?'. 

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Unfortunately, member Lucy had to miss her middle school graduation to attend the press conference. She said to the press, "Today was my [middle school] graduation, but I unfortunately could not attend because of this press conference. Still, I don't regret it, and I greeted my friends through video calls. A lot of people have called me an 'elementary school graduate,' but now I've graduated from middle school too... I feel like I've grown a step." 

Meanwhile, Weki Meki's 'Weki Meki Mohae?' premieres on February 1 at 5PM KST online and will go on every single day for 60 days! You can catch it on 'Mohae?'s YouTube channel

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