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Posted by jennywill AKP STAFF Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Kim Tae Hoon apologizes, but claims he was in a relationship with his accuser (despite being married to someone else)

Kim Tae Hoon made an official statement on his sexual assault accusation.

His full statement reads,

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"On February 28, 2018, there were two reports about me related to the #MeToo movement. I am feeling deep responsibility because even though I was a professor, a position which requires high moral standards, a report like this was made on an incident with a woman who was my student. I also wanted to apologize to the woman who says she was deeply hurt by me.

As I am sorry and must be responsible, I will leave my position as a professor of Sejong University, and stop all activities such as acting. I will leave all work and positions.

The size of the pain must be the same no matter what the actual relationship was. However, there was a difference between what I remember and what was reported. The second woman also said she felt betrayed by me after seeing the first report, so I unavoidably must make a statement.

The report on sexual harassment claimed that I had left Sejong University to another school, but still held a position of power, and sexually assaulted a student. I remember that this happened in 2000. After I graduated college, I studied abroad in Russia for 8 years and came back to Korea in 1999. I started teaching as an adjunct professor starting from Fall 1999. The woman in the first report took my class that fall and became my student. That year, my application as a regular professor to the Sejong University was rejected, and so I moved to the Suwon Women's College in 2000. However, in summer 2000, I worked with her once again as the male and female lead roles of an independent film. After that summer shoot, we continued to meet near the Suwon Women's College where I had moved to, and started a relationship. At the time, I had a spouse, and did things that I should not have as a person, and I deserve criticism. I dated her until 2001, and we broke up in fall that year for other reasons. I did not know that she had been hurt from dating me, and I want to apologize for that pain. 

The second report on sexual harassment claimed that I sexually harassed a woman who was preparing a thesis at Sejong University's graduate school. I do not know the full situation from the short article, but our relationship is basically as I remember. However, I apologize once again for understanding differently from what the person actually felt. At the time, it had been a while since I had lost my spouse, and acted without fully understanding the level of attraction between us. I will accept all criticism on that matter. However, even after this, and even up until recently, we often contacted each other and asked how we were doing. I thought of her as an acting colleague, and am deeply sorry that I did not understand her pain.

In any situation, I have committed a grave wrong as a professor. I apologize once again to the women mentioned above that I have hurt, the Sejong University professors and staff, the acting sunbaes-hoobaes that believed in me, and my students who have trusted me."

What do you think of the effects of the #MeToo movement in Korea?

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