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Posted by allkpop AKP STAFF Monday, December 25, 2017

Staff Picks: Our Favorite Songs of 2017


After choosing our favorite songs in the first half of 2017, the staff members at allkpop went on to choose the best songs overall in 2017! The year was a blur with all the dating scandals, debuts, and more - but the crazy (good) music releases are what always has the K-Pop fans coming back for more.

Check out the staff picks for the best songs of 2017!

Paul: "Bleed" by Epik High

Epik High's sound has expanded over the years but sometimes you yearn for that old school and raw vibes from their earlier years. The beat, the lyrics, everything about this song brings me back to the Epik High sound of the mid to late 2000's that I was enamored with. Like the very first lines by Mithra Jin where he states that he's mad because it's harder for him to write lyrics because he has less to say now, Epik High went back 10 years to find their old selves for inspiration.

LeJulie: "No Better Feelin" by CL

I don't know if the same can be said for other people but I personally think it's amazing the amount of KPOP presence in American media. CL sang a song for a freaking movie!!!! Not only is this song a bop but it also sends a very sweet and simple message to listeners to love and cherish friendships. It's straight to the point and it's a great message being sent to the younger audience. And it's a definite pick me up for when you're having a bad day. 

LorraineYe: "How Do You Think" by CHEEZE

CHEEZE's song "How Do You Think" is a feel-good track that easily takes the cake for my favorite release of the year! CHEEZE's delicate vocals are a favorite of mine and her entire EP release this year has given a great soundtrack to the colder Autumn and Winter seasons! With a catchy hook and lyrics that you can easily learn, "How Do You Think" is my favorite release of the year.

Jenny: "Missing You" by BTOB

BTOB timed their "Missing You" comeback perfectly. The ballad was perfect for the fall weather, and it's still charting well on Melon. Hyunsik, BTOB's 'father of music', has outdone himself once again.

beansss: "Palette" by IU featuring G-Dragon

/Copies and pastes what I wrote from the first half of 2017/ No but seriously. Throughout the year, "Palette" was like a supportive, reliable, comfortable friend to me. With apologies to all the awesome new songs in the second half of 2017, I just knew that no song from the rest of this year was going to be as meaningful and encouraging to me. I just want to thank IU for creating such a real, honest song.

KpopJoA: "Tiny Little Boy" by Rad Museum featuring DEAN

Rad Museum's  "Tiny Little Boy" (feat. DEAN).  Despite it being his 1st EP 'Scene', Rad Museum really outshined himself.  Rad Museum's album was one of my top choices.  His music is just that good.  A true hidden gem.  Highly recommend it to any indie/ R&B soul fan or anyone looking for a refreshing sound within K-Pop.  Composed by Rad Museum, Deanfluenza, and 2xxx!, "Tiny Little Boy" starts off with the strumming of the acoustic guitar and features a wide range of distinct, rich sounds which is pleasing to the ears.  The lyrics are simple yet artistic, allowing listeners to easily envision a man standing in front of his lover like a 'tiny little boy', feeling belittled, struggling to confess his feelings towards a woman; very poetic and emotional indeed.  Fans also get a glimpse of R&B artist DEAN rapping which is a special treat!  Overall, the track, heck the entire EP, is relaxing to listen to and presents a very chill, mellow ambiance. 

Matt: "I Like You" by DAY6

What an amazing year DAY6 just had! As they promised, they released new music every single month this year and wrapped up the project by releasing "I Like You" in December. When I first heard this song, I immediately got hooked on it as they brought their signature sound once again. I also chose this particular song out of all their releases simply because it was the last release of the year from them but it also showed their dedication and hard working attitude towards music they had throughout this year. I would've probably pick DAY6 as the artist of 2017 if there was a category for it. They are one of the most underappreciated and underrated idols in K-Pop in my honest opinion.

elliefilet: "Ending Credit" by Uhm Jung Hwa

I'm very into the '80s throwback sound, and the lyrics comparing a relationship to a movie are superb. To be honest, I never understood the hype around Uhm Jung Hwa's music until recently when I realized what was special about her style. She's not a vocal powerhouse, but there's a certain trembling in her voice that's unique to her. On top of her amazing stage presence and naturally charming tone, that trembling is part of what makes her as an artist. I'd say "Ending Credit" is the song that made me look back at what she's done before.

Patrick (Guest User Contributor): "Babe" by HyunA

Hyuna has always brought the heat with her summer singles, but this one excelled by changing out hard beats for funky synths. It's got uncanny valley vocal effects, HyunA's signature sass, and deep house sensibility.

Eric: "Don't Recall" by KARD

The co-ed foursome KARD burst onto the scene with their debut single "Oh NaNa" in 2016. While all their releases have been impressive, it was "Don't Recall" early this year that really grabbed me and clung tightly, with its reggaeton beat and the massive talents of each member brought to the fore. I've played this tune again and again, and it still hasn't worn out its welcome. Subtly brilliant and catchy, it's hard not to sing along. 

Cara: "party (SHUT DOWN)" by Sik-K feat. Crush

Sik-K himself is great enough but then you add Crush and it's perfection. Sik-K's smooth rap and Crush's soothing R&B vocals together are like peanut butter and jelly. The two artists' style match so well, and I also find the lyrics (depicting a guy's strong yearnings to see his girl) very sweet and adorable, even heart-pounding. The track is easy to listen to and extremely addictive. Def my fav of 2017. 

What was your favorite K-pop song of 2017?

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