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Kan Mi Yeon discusses the likelihood of 1st gen group Baby V.O.X making a comeback

By KpopJoA   Tuesday, December 5, 2017   8,528   955   11



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Many first-generation groups such as Sechskies and NRG have been returning to the music scene after a long hiatus. During an interview with OSEN, first generation idol star Kan Mi Yeon opened up about the likelihood of Baby V.O.X also having a reunion. 

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The popular girl group officially debuted in 1997 and was much loved until the early 2000's, when the members took on individual activities. Celebrating their 20th anniversary this year, many longtime K-Pop fans are hoping to see the ladies return. 

Regarding this, Kan Mi Yeon commented, "During the beginning of this year, we had plans to come back and wanted to do so. We initially had plans to release an album in the fall.  And if it wasn't possible for Baby V.O.X to release an album in light of 20 years, I wanted to at least release a solo album featuring all the members but that didn't happen in the end. I guess it's not that easy...Eun Ji unnie suggested we put out an album as a unit group," she smiled.

However, the members all have been busy with their solo performances. With Kim E-Z becoming a mother of two, Kan Mi Yeon, Shim Eun Ji and Lee Hee Jin all embarking on acting careers, and maknae Yoon Eun Hye performing in China, the women continue to cheer one another on.

Kan Mi Yeon commented, "Though it's difficult for all of us to meet due to our busy schedules, we are definitely considering making a comeback including Yoo Eun Hye." She also shared how fans are planning to hold a special birthday party for the members next February, saying, "We hope to get together and meet with fans then."

Meanwhile, Kan Mi Yeon has taken up an interest in musical acting and is set to greet the audience on stage with 'I Love You' on December 14.

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