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G-Dragon and K-Pop music infiltrate North Korea

By KpopJoA   Tuesday, December 26, 2017   58,413   11,206   126



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With the hallyu wave spreading overseas, receiving much recognition around the world, it appears even North Korea isn't exempt from catching the wave.

Recently, K-Pop made headlines, experts on North Korea talked about the overall impact and astonishing popularity it has over North Korea. According to the exclusive report, civilians in the North are taking extreme measures to 'smuggle' K-Pop idol music, G-Dragon's music, for instance.

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The footage from Channel A News began with a scene from film 'Steel Rain' where a child asks her father, a North Korean spy, if he knows G-Dragon. "Father, have you heard of G-Dragon before?", with "Crooked" playing in the background.

K-entertainment has infiltrated North Korea. It's reported the Big Bang leader's latest solo work, the 'Kwon Ji Yong' EP, is receiving great love in the North. 

The reporter asked, "Is G-Dragon really that popular among teens and young people in North Korea?"

One of the panelists responded, "Oh yes, with the hallyu wave heading over to North Korea many young people are singing along to the latest K-pop songs. It's quite an astonishing fact." A report from North Korea stated, "In the 90s, they would often sing along to Kim Bum Ryong's 'Wind Wind Wind', but teens these days are singing to idol star's tracks like Big Bang and G-Dragon.'

Another panelist mentioned, "They praise and rave over these idol stars. Psy's 'Gangnam Style' is a given but they've all watched Korean dramas," and explained how the K-Pop culture has dominated the country, experiencing much change in terms of politics and economic factors.  

Not only that, it has been revealed that people risk their lives to get their hands on 'Stealth USB' containing South Korean pop music and dramas despite heavy restricted regulations within the country. (Stealth USB act like any other USB device when first plugged into the computer but needs to be decrypted in order to retrieve the related content). 

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