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Posted by LeJulie AKP STAFF Thursday, November 30, 2017

Top Womance bonds in K-pop

1. Tiffany and Taeyeon
The two have very opposite personalities but through their years of training and eventually debuting in the same group, their friendship grew. Taeyeon is more reserved and introverted while Tiffany is a lot more outgoing and excitable but despite their differences, when they're together they bring out the best in each other.
2. Jeon So Mi and TWICE's Chayeong
The JYP best friends were inseparable way before their debut. During their trainee days, they supported and relied on one another often. Despite all the hardships they've gone through, the two have always been seen together showing love and caring for one another.
3. MAMAMOO's Hwasa and HyunA
A surprising friendship! HyunA and Hwasa shocked fans with how close they truly are. The two of them can be shown hanging out and even performing together to prove their strong friendship.
4. EXID's Hani and LE
The two silly members of EXID are always teasing and messing with one another wherever they go. Hani once said that LE is like a rascal sister that she appreciates and love having.
5. IU and Suzy (miss A)
The two became close friends when Suzy called IU to sing happy birthday at 4am. During an interview, IU was quick to call Suzy her best friend. Despite their busy schedules the two still try to find ways to connect and talk every day.
6. Jessi and Hyorin
Two of the baddest females, it's no surprise these two are good friends. They seem to have only nice things to say about one another and can be seen singing and celebrating together. Truly a dynamic duo.
7. Dara and CL
The two former bandmates have developed a bond like sisters proved through various occasions. One especially heartwarming story was when the scale-9 Tohoku earthquake hit when they were in Japan. At the time Dara was on the 34th floor of a building and was scared witless, in a panic she called CL who assured her and came to find her, walking down 34 flights of stairs together in a shaking building. If that's not friendship goal I'm not sure what is.
8. f(x)'s Amber and Ailee
The two powerful artists developed their friendship as idols who were both born in the United States but returned to South Korea to pursue their idol dreams. One time, they even started a Twitter war of sleeping pictures of each other.
9. Lee Hi and Akdong Musician's Suhyun
The underrated labelmates of YG entertainment became friends after some time together. Because they're closer in age, the two can be seen spending time together at amusement parks or just hanging out. And because Lee Hi is a solo artist she mentioned before that she feels a lot less lonely with Suhyun around.
10. Girls' Generation's Hyoyeon and Min
The two old friends have known each other since they were young and joined a dance team together. Since then and their debut as singers, the two have grown incredibly closer displaying a strong sister-like bond with each other.

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