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Another supposed victim of Taeyeon's accident comes forward to support first victim's original statement

Another victim of Taeyeon's car accident has spoken up angrily.

Someone claiming to be one of the victims of the car accident claimed that Taeyeon was given special treatment because of her celebrity status. However, another person claiming to be the tow truck driver defended Taeyeon instead. 

Yet another person claiming to be the victim spoke up to say, "The reason why my friend posted was because even though a celebrity caused the accident, they were incredibly disappointed by the actions of some of the emergency personnel as well as the police while taking care of the accident. They did not mean to curse out all the emergency personnel and police that are working hard. I want to clarify that they posted because of actions that were hard to understand at the accident."

They continued, "It's true that my friend posted while they were emotionally riled up, but the post was completely true from the point of view of the victims. In addition, we have not heard any word of apology from the person who caused the accident at the time of the accident, after the accident, and up until now. Even after the emergency personnel and police arrived, it's true no one bothered about us or the taxi driver. They took special care of the person who caused the accident, so we even thought, 'She looks fine, but did she actually get hurt really badly? Or was it a DUI? Is it because a young woman is driving a good car?', and all those things. The taxi driver was bleeding from the chest but he still took care of us. The fact that no one was taking care of the taxi driver made us mad later on as well."

They added, "You can see from the photos of the incident, but the taxi was destroyed in half. It was very lucky that we did not die. The taxi driver was taking care of things after the accident, but he was probably in shock as well. In fact, when he was taking our numbers, his hand was shaking so hard that he couldn't properly enter the numbers. It was that kind of situation, but not one person asked him if he was okay or that he should head to the hospital."

"Maybe I don't know well because it was my first time in such a big accident, but even if he said it was okay (I did not see this myself however), I did not understand how no one cared for him in a situation where he was bleeding from the chest and the car was destroyed. More people were crowded around the person who caused the accident and they kept asking her something. We wanted to get on the ambulance because we were in pain, and the taxi driver continuously asked the firefighters and police to let us get on the ambulance. My friend told the emergency personnel that the taxi driver should get on the ambulance. However, they told us that the person in the last car had to get on the ambulance first, and said to get on the next one that came. When someone else asked that person, 'Are these two people and the person in the last car getting on for a total of three?', the person said, 'No, only the person in the last car is getting on'. Even until then, I thought the person who caused the accident must have been badly hurt, and when I saw her getting out of the car and looking around, I thought, 'Huh? If she's not badly hurt, then what's going on?', and to be honest, I didn't really know what was going on."

They continued, "The thing that angers me the most is that no one asked us if we were hurt or told us to get on the ambulance. No one cared about us. The taxi driver was hurt, but he told them continuously that his customers (us) should get on the ambulance, but he just got ignored. The fire department wrote an excuse and said they took care of the person with the chest pain, but we were left alone for about 10-20 minutes after the accident. No one asked us if we were hurt."

They then added, "The video that people want to see is probably all in Taeyeon's car's black box. She crashed into the cars that were stopped at a red light, so it's her fault. I think that there are parts that were edited badly through news articles, so I ask to stop cursing us out. I am going to take action if they get too severe."

Do you think the fault of the situation after the accident does not lie with Taeyeon, but rather the emergency response?

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