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Posted by yckim124372 pts Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Victim of Taeyeon's car accident complains about the idol getting special treatment because of her celebrity status

The victimofTaeyeon's car crash expressed frustration about the unfair treatment.

Around 7:40 pm on November 28, the Girls' Generationmember rear-ended a taxi in front of her, leading to a 3-car crash. Shortly after the reports, SM Entertainment provided an official statement, admitting that the fault belongs to Taeyeon and assuring all passengers are receiving treatment in the hospital.

Contrary to the agency's statement of assurance, a netizen, who claims to be the victim involved in Taeyeon's car accident, shared a lengthy post of anger via Instagram.The victim claimed Taeyeon received special treatment because of her celebrity status from the emergency crew while the other victims were pushed aside and forced to wait.

The victim's post reads as follows:

"I really didn't want to post something like this after an accident but I just have to because I'm so angry. She rammed into two cars at a stop. The windows of the car in the middle all shattered, the airbags busted, and all the glass pieces pierced into our bodies and clothes but just because the driver is a famous female idol, they were telling the other victims to wait and trying to take her to the hospital first. The police and the emergency crew were asking if we needed to go to the hospital when our cars have been totaled by getting hit and pushed from the behind. The taxi driver was spilling blood from his neck but they were saying it's okay, it's just a scratch. When I asked if the taxi driver could sit in the emergency truck for a bit to calm himself, they wouldn't allow him because the driver (Taeyeon) had to get in the emergency truck. The driver (Taeyeon) came out and asked if we were okay. She then patted our backs as if she's cheering up her servants. In the emergency room, one of the emergency crew members was giggling, saying we should take pictures. One of the nurses said the roads must be slippery nowadays and asked if the driver of the last car (Taeyeon) came to the hospital or not. What the hell? The people who are supposed to be saving lives were giggling and laughing in front of the patients, and taking care of a celebrity first. How cool. I guess fame and popularity are good after all. #Taeyeon #carcrash."

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