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Posted by beansss AKP STAFF Tuesday, October 24, 2017

[Drama Review] 'Revolutionary Love' - Episode 3

Siwon, Gong Myung, Kang So Ra

After a rather headline-filled weekend for our lead male actor Super Junior's Siwon, he's back as Byun Hyuk again for us in episode 3 of tvN's 'Revolutionary Love'. The biggest thing that stood out to me in episode 3 was that the so-called "contract" that Byun Hyuk and Baek Jun (played by Kang So Ra) decided to establish in episode 2, fell apart faster than I thought it would.

I just love butt-sliding in hotel halls.

As for the wild policeman chase in the hotel, I just have to point out that Jang Chul Min just doesn't strike me as a very good policeman here… I mean he's an awfully slow runner for a policeman to not even be able to outrun a girl pushing a big, heavy cart loaded with a grown man inside. Plus he doesn't even look where he's going and runs into practically everything.

Oh look, they're getting away... let me stare...

Meanwhile, after escaping from arrest, Byun Hyuk returns to the construction site for another day of man labor. Unfortunately, the bossman turns up and begins mistreating the good, hardworking construction site employees, which of course the outspoken Baek Jun cannot ignore. Then the frustrating part begins; even such a heartwarming and endearing thing as wanting to blow on all of the dandelion seeds he finds can't save Byun Hyuk from the sheer stupidity of his actions in this scene. He's not only off frolicking by himself while all of the other employees are following orders from the bossman; he causes a dangerous accident but doesn't even think for a second to apologize; and, the rash accident gets the three construction site co-workers who welcomed and helped him the most, fired. He's as bad as a 3rd-generation chaebol can get!

Everyone, please resist your strong urges to travel through the screen and push this guy off the ledge!

And then his "resolution" to make Baek Jun feel better by using his mom's credit card? Like, this guy is creating way too many reasons for people to want to punch him in the face this weekend!

It's not that I didn't empathize with where Jun was coming from when she decided to cut ties with being Hyuk's "outside life secretary" for good. I was just under the impression that the contract between them would be what kept the plot together, but the writer has other ideas, and I'm okay with that.

Some things you just don't do: like try to take a woman's designer bag by force. 

Largely, episode 3 gave viewers a bigger picture of exactly what a horrible person the current Byun Hyuk is. Regardless of his ignorance and innocence, this episode perfectly identified the aspects of his character which need to change. This can also be said for Kwon Jae Hoon (played by Gong Myung), who also proved that he overuses his powers and approaches problems immorally, such as when he offered the construction site boss money even though the boss was at fault and the employees, innocent. Now, it's up to our heroine Baek Jun to get to work fixing these guys up to become good, marriageable guys... stay tuned for episode 4 next!

Here's a deformed Siwon for your daily laugh!




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