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[MV & Album Review] VIXX LR – 'Whisper'



Track List:

1. Whisper
2. Beautiful Night
3. Feeling
4. Chocolatier
5. Today
6. Whisper (Inst.)

It's been 2 years since their debut as a subunit, and finally Leo and Ravi of
VIXX LR are back with a new mini-album 'Whisper.' They've been working hard on it, producing and writing all the songs themselves. And you have the fruits of their labor available now.

"Whisper" is a fun hip-hop/R&B track. It starts out soft, with Leo's smooth vocals. But it picks up when Ravi's sick raps start. It's not frantic, either, just refreshing. The song's pretty soothing overall, though I think I'd get bored if it was all raps or a straight pop tune. It's got that something that takes it to the next level.

"Beautiful Night" is tropical house, and it's more upbeat than "Whisper." It's also a lot more involved than the typical pop song, with falsetto, high notes, and rapping. It all falls together extremely well, not letting you take a breath before the next part of the tune. Do I like this? The answer is yes.

"Feeling" is another cheerful, bouncy tune. We get a lot more of Leo's singing here. Ravi gets fewer lines, but it doesn't affect the raps -- as a matter of fact, he spits them out rapid fire. This tune struck me as filler, as there wasn't much to it. I found myself impatient for it to get better.

"Chocolatier" is almost pure R&B, and both members join in the singing. I like Ravi's raps here. He injects a lot of personality into his parts, and here it almost sounds like he's describing the most incredible girl to a friend. Leo hits his falsetto vocals and turns things up some. I love this one!

"Today" is a more introspective tune, but it also is generally uplifting. I like how it switches gears to become a little meatier. Leo's vocals are given some echo effects, and it makes for a billowy feel. I think the addition of a choir near the end (or is that overdubs?) really adds something to the tune. This song leaves you with a hopeful feeling at the end.

I like that they didn't include a ballad. It would have been so easy to do, but instead, they focused on making interesting songs. I also like that it sounds different from VIXX. I think in some ways these guys can take more risks, rather than being tied to this or that concept. Leo and Ravi took that idea and ran with it. And the EP is better for it.


This MV is, in a word, artsy. Everything here is meant to convey a mood, from the colors of the clothes to the environments. Leo and Ravi apparently inhabit very different worlds, as Ravi is garbed in a red tank top, while Leo rocks a blue long sleeve shirt. Even as they change clothes, they keep the same color scheme. Too, Ravi's out in the sun, while Leo makes his way through darkened rooms.

But nothing here is really depressing but rather reflective. It's almost as if Leo's looking forward, as he eschews a book titled "Beautiful Liar" for another book called "Whisper." There are some scenes with yarn and other things I didn't quite grasp, but that just tells you it's not any ordinary MV. It gives up enough of its secrets on the first watch, so you can pick out more on repeat viewings.

There's no real dancing, nor does there have to be. Leo is all blinged out and looks super cool. Ravi looks like he's heading to a party. Combine this with all the lens flare and artistic shots this is an awesome MV paired with an equally awesome song. Nice job.


MV Relevance...........8
MV Production..........9
MV Concept..............8

Album Production.....8
Album Concept.........9


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