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Jessica says she adores TWICE and reveals how precious Girls' Generation truly is to her

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Jessica recently sat down for an interview with Star News as she opened up about her musical career, Girls' Generation's 10th anniversary as well as her new solo mini album 'My Decade'. Star News met with Jessica at the Coridel Entertainment offices in Gangnam on August 7.

Q: There are many junior idols making their debut nowadays, do you feel any kind of pressure?

"Seeing the younger 2000s generation, I only wish for the best of these friends.  I can only imagine how tough it may be for them right now.  They probably have no clue what's going on.  I believe it's their turn to shine.  I love TWICE, they are so pretty...It makes me feel so happy every time I see them working so hard....As juniors themselves, they look up to their fellow sunbaes as role models...knowing that, I think I should try harder."

Q: You began your Asia Tour recently.

"Yes, it opened in Taiwan and it was so much fun. Taiwanese fans are just so full of energy. It's been a year since I held a fan meeting and the meeting itself was really a 'Summer Storm'.  Despite signs flying away in the storm and trees being plucked out, many came to greet me."

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Q: Did you produce the entire album yourself?

''Yes, including the title tracks. As for the MV, I asked the directors to be in charge of the content. We had several discussions. I participated in every aspect of the production including mixing and mastering as well as jacket design."

Q: What is the overall image of 'Summer Storm'?

"Ever since my 1st solo album, I wanted to portray more of my own unique style.  I changed a lot of the makeup...This time, I went for the more natural approach. It's more comfortable that way.  As for photos, I didn't try to necessarily strike a pose, it just came out the way it was intended originally. I think I am gradually moving away from a particular image."

Q: What does Girls' Generation mean to you? 10th-anniversary question.

"It's a precious fate, something I had ever since I was little I guess. They are a precious existence to me. It's something I can't ever erase... We all dealt with it together after all, during both the good and difficult times."

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