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Posted by eric_r_wirsing Friday, July 7, 2017

[Song & MV Review] VAV – "ABC (Middle of the Night)"


VAV – ABC (Middle of the Night)

Track List:

1. ABC (Middle of the Night)
2. ABC (Middle of the Night) (Inst.)

The boys of VAV are back, this time with a new release in time for summer. The boys certainly look like they're ready for the sun in their teasers. So ease back the top, plug this in, crank this up, and head to the beach.

The song is a tropical house variant that seems so popular nowadays. But still, they do some good things with the beginning. I like the nice light synth plinks they start off with.

But really, the song was nice and cute, but that was it. But then I heard the chorus, and that's where the track really hit its stride. Energetic and enervating, that's what this tune needed to really pop.

I felt the vocals weren't bad, and I like how the raps fit well with the rest of the tune. I enjoyed the bridge near the end, the quick recovery from that back to the chorus. If I could ask for something, it would be little more oomph. It's missing something but nonetheless, it is a very good song.


The MV itself is the standard boy in box vids, where they dance inside the box, and outside are individual shots of the boys doing everything from playing with props to aegyo. The playful individual shots almost could have been outtakes from "Flower." But I'm making it sound worse than it is.

I would have preferred a summery video to go with a summery song, but they didn't ask me. So we get a room where VAV is dancing. And there's a girl acting as a peeping Tina. But they don't really develop her subplot much, other than gesturing for her to keep it a secret. Why a secret? I don't know. I'd want as much promotion as possible.

The boys in their white shirts stood out in the darkness just enough to make it look cool. That was a nice touch. The other apparel choices are brightly colored, though there's what looks like a pink choker as a dubious choice. For a summer release, bright colors are the way to go.

The dancing was quite well done. They had some smooth moves and some explosive movements indicating that this is a happy time. The individual members didn't do much choreo by themselves, but as a group, they looked good.

Although the MV is pretty good I think it could have been a bit better. The boys continue to impress me and I'm looking forward to their future releases.


MV Relevance.......8
MV Production......8
MV Concept..........7





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