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Posted by AllK_Maknae9 pts Sunday, June 4, 2017

K-Pop's worst hairstyles both old and new

1. T-ara Eunjung
The face you make in the mirror when you know the hair stylist was completely wrong.
2. BTS Jungkook
When the wind almost blows off your wig. Thank God we didn't see this at the BBMAs!
3. Girls' Generation Hyoyeon
Hyoyeon is saying "Name one person who liked this hairstyle."
4. GOT7 Jackson
We are crying inside too, Jackson.
5. Brown Eyed Girls Narsha
Thank God it is a wig... right?!
6. VIXX Ravi
Whoever did this is right and wrong all at once.
7. Hwang Jung Eum
When your perm has a life of its own.
8. TVXQ Changmin
All of TVXQ had some... eccentric hairstyles. Changmin seemed to suffer the most.
9. Dara
I was trying really hard to avoid mentioning Dara in here - but once I saw this... Lord - she is a cutie but this hair though. It's like her head grew arms and fists so they could beat up their stylist for all the years of hair abuse!
10. Hyunseung
If you Google search this image for similar images, Ramen noodles appear. Seriously - it's no joke! Google suggested ramen noodles as visually similar images for me!
11. Sulli
I feel like I could take that hair and crank back time before Sulli left f(x).
12. Lee Min Ho
I'ma hold my breath for this one.
13. f(x) Amber
Amber - NOOOOOO!!!!
14. TEEN TOP Niel
When you trying to figure out which bang length suits you best.
15. H.O.T
This whole group is a hot mess.
16. BONUS: All The SM Boys
Whoever made this collage and deemed it the SM mushrooms - God bless you! HAH!

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