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Posted by AllK_Maknae Friday, June 30, 2017

K-Pop's most stupefying dance videos

1. GOT7
GOT7 are practically monkeys (or trapeze artists) with the way they are jumping around and soaring through the air for their choreography. The boys really go above and beyond and don't hold back as they dance on chairs, flip over each other and pull some crazy stunts!
2. EXO
The boys of EXO are without a doubt the kings of dancing! If you want to be absolutely impressed, "Call Me Baby" is one MV that will have you screaming and rolling on the floor for days. However, when it comes to a dance practice, "Monster" will literally slay.
3. BTS
Almost inhuman, the boys of BTS are built for dancing! BTS' "Dope" was an absolute sensation simply because of the epic and intricate dance routine. From the wild speed, vigorous dance moves, and tricky dance steps, BTS will wow you each and every time.
4. Block B
"Toy" is one of Block B's memorable songs and the routine is something you cannot overlook as well. Just like the song, the dance routine is filled with wild moves and plenty of emotion. Their key point moves are the repetitious chorus and fancy knife-like movements.
5. 24K
"Superfly" is an absolutely jaw-dropping performance by 24K. Not only is the number of boys in the group absolutely mesmerizing, but the dance moves are totally mind blowing. The boys definitely revamped hip-hop dancing and made it their own.
6. B1A4
"Sweet Girl" is a charming song but the dancing routine is quite daring. B1A4 have some fun and flashy choreography themselves, but "Sweet Girl" is unforgettable because the mid-tempo song has a real upbeat dance routine that will have you pressing repeat again and again.
UP10TION work hard to stand out among the rest, and they truly deliver! Dance routines such as "Catch Me" are just one of the many awesome choreographed dances that will leave you wanting more. The boys aren't afraid to get down on the floor or even utilize other members to come up with some refreshingly new dance moves. This "Hoodie Ver." is a real treat, too!
As if paying homage to Michael Jackson, TEEN TOP have always had some fancy foot work in all of their routines. From the smooth moments and pretty sexy dance moves, the boys will moonwalk all the way into your hearts. "Warning Sign" is just one of their many absolutely stylish dances.
Like animals, VIXX dance wildly and are out of control! They become even more popular with their "Chained Up" dance routine. The way they grab their neck collars combined with their swag makes you want to get out of your seat and dance along with them!
10. Seventeen
Get ready to fall on your knees and raise the praise on the dance floor alongside Seventeen with "Mansae!" The rather large boy group effortlessly showcase their amazing dances each and every time. The members are also crucial as they are utilized in a unique way in order to add a bit of life and flair to their routines. If you want to be absolutely amazed, Seventeen is your go-to boy group!

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