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Lee Sung Kyung and Cho Hye Jung respond to the controversy about tension and rivalry between them

Lee Sung Kyung, Cho Hye Jung
Lee Sung Kyung and Cho Hye Jung responded the rumors about having abad relationship.

A controversy arose after a past Instagram activity of Lee Sung Kyung and Cho Hye Jung came to attention. The issue regards the time when Lee Sung Kyung started Instagram live right after Cho Hye Jung started her live feed.The two actresses, who have worked together for the drama 'Weight Lifting Kim Bok Joo', were right next to each other at the time of the live broadcasts.Netizens suspected tension and rivalry as Lee Sung Kyung seemed like she wanted to steal attention and ''beat'' Cho Hye Jung.

In response to the speculations, Lee Sung Kyung spoke up via her fan cafe and explained that she and Cho Hye Jung are good friends. The model-actress emphasized that she had no intentions to intimidate Cho Hye Jung, stating, "If you have watched our drama you would know but how could I possibly want to intimidate and hate on such adorable Nan Hee? Hye Jung is a nice, pure friend who I rather want to encourage and boost up."

Lee Sung Kyung also revealed that she has apologized to Cho Hye Jung in case she was offended but Cho Hye Jung has sweetly responded to her with the words, "Unnie, I really like you. I was happy to work with you and I want to see you for a long time. I'll be more nice to you so let's long-run together." Lastly, Lee Sung Kyung once again emphasized that Cho Hye Jung is an adorable dongsaeng and colleague that she is grateful to have.

A rep from Cho Hye Sung's label Jellyfish Entertainment also spoke up about the issue and explained, "What Lee Sung Kyung stated on her fan cafe is true. We have spoken with Lee Sung Kyung and we have responded. There is no tension."

Despite the explanations, netizens have commented, "Lee Sung Kyung was always the time who wanted to gain the attention ever since her modeling days...She also used to look down on Nam Joo Hyuk when he was a nobody", "Hye Jung's so nice", "I like Lee Sung Kyung but I was disappointed this time...I was like this is nothing but I watched the videos and it was kinda bad...Cho Hye Jung was smiling but she looked like she wanted to cry...At the end, Lee Sung Kyung even asked her why she looks intimidated. She seemed like a scary unnie."

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