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TWICE's Nayeon reads and responds to malicious comments during 'V' live

TWICE's Nayeongot bombarded with malicious comments during her recentNaver 'V' live broadcast.

The idol star took thetime to communicate with her fans, however, she seemed a bit perturbedafter several fans continued to leave malicious comments.Rude remarks stated, "Nayeon unnie you're a loser", "Stupid", "Did you only put makeup on half of your face?", "Your face looks swollen," "Did you eat ramen before you go to bed?", "You look old",and more.

At first, Nayeon read out loud the comments, and politely responded, saying, "I'm not a loser", "I didn't eat anything before bed..", "Yeah, I am old."

Ultimately, Nayeon pouted at the ongoing rude remarks and said, "ONCE, you guys are too much today.." She even declaredto quit the live broadcast.

Following the airing, fans criticized the so-called ONCEs who left the malicious comments targeting Nayeon. Netizens are also criticizing the fans for leaving rude remarks during a live broadcast.

Netizens commented, "Why are they like that TT", "I'm not even a TWICE fan but that's so upsetting", "Are they really a fan???", "Wow... that's too much", "Aw Nayeon, just ignore it TT"

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It is easy to be negative on the internet and make comments that would otherwise be impossible to say in person, but that is no excuse for harming others. The victims of cyber-bullying are only continuing to increase so we must take action to put an end to this.

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