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Posted by AllK_Maknae9 pts Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Jobs that Korean celebrities had before they became famous

1. Song Hye Kyo - Figure Skater
Before becoming the big hit she is today, Song Hye Kyo was in the works of becoming a professional figure skater until she injured her foot.
2. VIXX Leo - International Soccer Player
Leo was involved in the Junior International Soccer Team of Korea before becoming a member of hit boy group VIXX.
3. Lee Young Ae - Reporter
The Korean beauty Lee Young Ae was actually a busy reporter before entering the spotlight herself.
4. Ma Dong Seok - MMA Fighter
The handsome Ma Dong Seok got his sexy, killer body during his time training MMA fighters. Now he uses his hunky bod to perform action scenes and kill zombies like in 'Train To Busan.'
5. Crayon Pop Gummi - Dermatologist
The pretty Gummi of Crayon Pop actually worked in a dermatology office. Specifically as a 'Follicle Separationer.' That explains her pretty skin.
6. Shin Min Ah - Runner
Before dominating the K-Drama world, Shin Min Ah was a professional athlete and runner.
7. Han Chae Young - Figure Skater
Figure skating seems to be the 'it job' for actresses, huh? Han Chae Young pursued this career before moving in the entertainment industry with her fabulous model looks and starring on 'Unnie's Slam Dunk.'
8. Kim Nam Joo - Seoul Village Office Employee
9. SISTAR Soyu - Beauty Salon
Soyu had a humble beginning just like us. Before becoming a member of the sensational girl group SISTAR, Soyu was a part-timer at various beauty salons.
10. Song Joong Ki - Short Track Skater
Song Joong Ki was another actor involved in sports before debuting on the big screen.
11. Ji Jin Hee - Advertisement Firm
Ji Jin Hee worked on various advertisement projects for a small Advertising Firm in Korea before impressing Korea with his acting skills.
12. Lee Tae Sung - Baseball Player
The hot and handsome model Lee Tae Sung was a popular baseball player hitting balls out of the park before hitting it big elsewhere.
13. CNBLUE Jonghyun - Judo Athlete
The famous Jonghyun of CNBLUE was wowing the crowd with his Judo techniques before winning over the rest of the world with his soothing voice.
14. Won Bin - Mechanic
The handsome Wonbin was busy getting dirty while fixing cars before he became the clean, handsome gentlemen we see on TV today.
15. Girl's Day Sojin - Waitress
Girl's Day Sojin revealed in an episode of 'Kira Kira Slim' that she ran away from home and worked various serving jobs at restaurants in order to pay for vocal lessons, rent and becoming an idol.
16. Yoon Sang Hyun - Boss of 'Snake Bar'
The devilishly handsome Yoon Sang Hyun was serving up drinks as the boss of 'Snake Bar.'
17. Nam Sang Mi - Lotteria Employee
Nam Sang Mi surprised many when she revealed she was a part-time worker at Lotteria's cafeteria.
18. Kang Ji Hwan - Graphic Designer
Kang Ji Hwan was a simple graphic designer until he transitioned over into the entertainment industry.
19. So Ji Sub - Swimmer
So Ji Sub had to have gotten his hot body from somewhere, right? His time spent as a professional swimmer definitely did the trick.
20. Seo Ji Seok - Runner
Seo Ji Seok is another sporty celebrity who spent his time running professionally before making his debut.
21. Kim Min Suk - Sushi Chef
Before acting, he was cutting up sashimi like a pro working at a sushi restaurant.

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