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[Drama Review] 'The Liar and His Lover' - Episode 2

By AllK_Maknae   Tuesday, April 11, 2017   13,317   1,502   0



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The beginning of episode 2 of 'The Liar and His Lover' was definitely heartwarming. As expected, there were many endearing, heart fluttering moments that will make anyone overflow with emotions. I enjoy that it has a childish taste for love with only brief moments of intensity.

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Finally, Sorim meets with Han Gyul and feels he is absolutely made for her. Sadly, Han Gyul is indifferent and simply avoids her except for his attempts to delete the file from her phone. Don't get me wrong, they have their few romantic moments but sparingly and they don't last long. 

I am not too sure how I feel about the Han Gyul being Sorim's romantic love interest and I'm personally hoping Sorim finds another romantic interest in order to shake up the dynamics a bit. 

The more I learn about Han Gyul the less I like. His girlfriend Yuna seems to find many problems and flaws in his character simply because it is becoming obvious he doesn't love (or never truly loved) her.

I appreciate that his character is holding some things back as it makes the reveal in later episodes more attention-grabbing and climactic. Han Gyul seems bored, self-centered and irrational. I can see his character creates trouble and interest within the drama but I simply dislike guys like him - plain and simple. His past connections are brief but spark interest, especially regarding his Dad. Does anybody else have a feeling that the man singing in the park has a bigger role than we could ever expect?

I was taken aback by the fact that Yuna kissed the musical director earlier in the episode. The relationship between her and Han Gyul is heading down south and fast - but I'm sure the moment Yuna sees Sorim with Han Gyul, she will throw a fit. However, I'm hoping this relationship suffers a pitfall instead of being dragged out so the real love scenarios come about quickly. The drama has a great pace, but I'm a little more anxious to see how Han Gyul will behave if he falls in love with Sorim anytime soon.

Joy's acting is surprisingly well done and refreshing throughout the drama. She breathes life into Sorim's cheerful character effortlessly and becomes more entertaining as the show goes on. I didn't know what to expect from her first lead role but no one was disappointed, I'm sure. However, the real skills shine through when there is a more emotional scene, trauma or conflict that Sorim will experience - so until then we can only enjoy this bubbly character.

Aside from the lead acting, a lot of the secondary characters add some depth and dimension to the story. I feel that Sorim's friends are really sincere but actually have a crush on her - which is why they can't stand to see her head over heels for a rude guy like Han Gyul.

Yuna really wows me towards the end as she finally calls out Han Gyul for his selfish, manipulative, ill-hearted ways after being seen kissing the company music producer. "I'm just a tool for your music." Boom goes the dynamite! Honestly, he even admits "I know I haven't been a good boyfriend" from the start and that already shows Han Gyul is aware of his horrible personality but simply doesn't care until shit hits the fan.

Remember when he shouts at Sorim "Nobody cares about my hardships and problems," well if he actually opened up and let people like Sorim, who actually care, approach him then he would be better off. He is miserable and will suffer in his own misery obviously. Hopefully, he can learn to change. I'm not expecting it anytime soon - especially in episode 3. Miracles take time, and that is what Sorim needs if she plans on continuing this love game with Han Gyul.






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